Manage, customize and upload your own emblems on Twitch

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When subscribing to a Twitch channel we have to pay a monthly amount in exchange for receiving a number of different benefits. Among them, we received the subscriber emblem that you have previously created the content creator. If you are a content creator on Twitch, you can manage the emblems from your page or profile and thus choose which icon your subscribers receive depending on the time they have been following you and as a “prize” to differentiate the most loyal of the channel.

We explain what they are, how they work and how you can manage them.

What are Twitch emblems?

The Twitch emblems are some kind of badge or award for your channel subscribers. It is shown next to the name of that user when they participate in the chat of your channel and they can personalize the name as they add months as subscribers and go reaching milestones. There are all kinds of moments when emblems are received, such as being one of the first subscribers, for example.

We can manage them from our control panel and there are a number of things that we must take into account such as that not everything goes when choosing an emblem or that we must follow a series of steps to manage them in the channel.

Rules and requirements

Not everything goes although it is enough to use common sense to know what can or cannot be an emblem. Twitch makes this clear in the Community Guidelines, explaining: “These guidelines are common sense guidelines and apply to all user-generated content and activities on our services.” We must bear in mind that there are a number of prohibited things that we cannot use on emblems:

  • Nudes and obscene or suggestive content
  • Drugs or accessories for consumption
  • Incitement to hate
  • Words or pictures derogatory, racist or harassing
  • Words or gestures explicit
  • Single letter images
  • Twitch brand resource violations
  • Intellectual property rights infringements
  • Other infringements of privacy, copyright, trademarks …

And you must not only comply with not skipping these prohibitions, but also the subscriber emblems they must follow some requirements:

  • Upload the image in three different sizes: 18 x 18 px, 36 x 36 px, and 72 x 72 px.
  • The image must be in PNG format
  • The background of the image should be transparent
  • The file size cannot exceed 25 KB
  • The image must comply with the rules of Twitch, community, etc.

Manage emblems

Once we are clear about what Twitch emblems are or what requirements they meet, we can manage it. Please note that you cannot manage Twitch badges if you are not a partner or affiliate. If you are, you can do it from your control panel by accessing the “Preferences” section and going down to the “Subscriptions” section. Here we will find “Emblems of fidelity” and we can add or manage badges or medals that your subscribers will receive depending on how long they have been loyal to your channel. From its “arrival” to several years old. It depends on how long the emblem is of a color, size, etc.

Here you will see that the default emblem is a star but we can change it and design a different one to give our channel more personality.

It will depend on whether you are a partner or an affiliate that you can fill a series of slots or others. For example, affiliates can fill in up to “one year” of seniority but partners are up to ten years old so you can fill in different emblems for those who have been a year, a year and a half, two years, two and a half years and so on until they have been on the channel for ten years.


Upload custom emblem

You can upload your own emblems that you want and that you have customized.

  • Open your Twitch account
  • Go to the control panel
  • Open the Preferences section
  • Tap on Partner / Affiliate
  • Look for the section “Emblems of loyalty”
  • Choose the emblem you want to modify, the “time” you want
  • Tap on “Manage emblems”
  • Go to the bottom and upload the images

Upload subscriber emblems

You will have to change it one by one and you will be able to manage emblems for two months, three, six months, a year … Just upload them one by one taking into account the requirements of twitch: images of no more than 25 KB, not animated … Also, you must bear in mind that to manage the custom emblems we must upload them three different times in three different sizes. You should upload it in 18 x 18, in 36 x 36 px and in 72 x 72 px. Also, they must all be exactly the same image.

Once you’ve done it, simply tap on “Save Changes.” You can modify it as many times as you want or you need if it is not as you expected. You can also tap on “Remove Emblem” next to the one you want.

Emblem ornaments

We can also manage emblem embellishments. These are embellishments that overlap the subscriber badge, although they are not available to everyone. Keep in mind that these decorations are only available to subscribers of level 2 and 3. That is, we should know how the levels work … There are three subscription levels with three different types of benefits and level 2 and 3 They are priced at € 9.99 per month or € 24.99 per month with certain benefits, emoticon modifiers, exclusive broadcasts, etc.


Emblem decorations can be activated or deactivated from the “Manage emblems” section that we have seen in previous paragraphs. You can go to Loyalty Badges> Manage Badges. Here you will see a button “Emblem ornament” or “Badge Flair” that you can turn on or off with a switch.

There are two default emblems per level: one for level two and one for level three. The first is a round star in blue and the second is a yellow star. But you can upload your own custom emblem ornament in the same way that we upload emblems. Of course, it must have a transparent background and think that it overlaps the previous one so it should not disturb the main image.

Emblem ornament

Tap “Upload custom ornament” and click the “+” icon next to each box. Upload the images in the corresponding sizes: 18 × 18 px, 36 × 36 px, 72 × 72 px. Once you have it, you can hit “Preview of the ornament”.

Emblem decorations can be deactivated by the partner or affiliate but can also be disable it user in case you don’t want it to show. You just have to go to “chat settings” and deactivate it. In addition, if you are a viewer or subscriber, you will be able to know if the channel offers it or not because you will see it in the list of benefits that appears when we are going to subscribe to a new channel.

Upload ornament on Twitch

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