Make your video Zoom to be more fun by placing these background videos

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When millions of people are isolated in their homes, tools such as Zoom become indispensable to stay in contact with your loved ones, and coworkers.

One of the most interesting features that offers this application is that allows you to change the backgroundso hide what is behind it (ideal to protect our privacy or if it matches that in the site in which we are is not exactly nice).

We can place a background photo, but it is also possible to load a video in motion. Today we are going to focus on the second case, and thanks to Zoom Exotic you can download hundreds of clips that we can use as a stage.

Window And Zoomexotic Com Zoom Exotic

When we enter to this web, we will see that at the top there are different categories: ‘movies and TV’, ‘pop culture’, ‘abstract’, ‘New York’, ‘fiesta’, or ‘animals are nice’.

If you prefer, at the bottom you will see a mosaic of the hundreds of videos that exist on this website, that we will be able to sort according to the date they were created or imported.

Once you have found the we want, we’ll just have to click on the top button of blue color to download it and thus be able to import it into Zoom.

How to use a video as the background in Zoom

Both the desktop version as in the mobile application it is possible to change the background. In the first case, you have to hit the Settings icon (shaped like a gear) that appears in the upper right corner.

Within Settings select “Virtual Background” and you will find some funds that we can use. Here we are interested in click on “Choose a virtual background” to load any of the videos that we have downloaded.

Image 3 4 20 10 03 Stuck

In the case of the mobile versionat the bottom you will find an icon with the classic three dots in the bottom. You will see a option called “Virtual Background”, in which we can choose the clip you want to use. Note that this option is only available for iOS currently.

In the mobile version, at the moment it is only possible in iOS
Image 3 4 20 10 06 Stuck

In a few weeks in which the video calls are dominating our relationships, work and personal, gestures as simple as change the background can make the experience much more interesting and fun.

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Make your video Zoom to be more fun by placing these background videos

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Make your video Zoom to be more fun by placing these background videos 1