Machine guns in Garena Free Fire: what they are and characteristics

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These weapons are divided into three categories: assault rifles, heavy machine guns Y light machine guns. The first They are the best option for medium and long distances, since they are quite balanced. They are usually the most used by players, since they adapt to all kinds of situations. The second They have a high rate of fire and a lot of bullets, but their accuracy is not the best. Finally, the third they are optimal for short distances and for those players who want to go all out from the start.

Assault or AR rifles


aug ggf

Although the AUG is by no means the best assault rifle in the game, it is a truly fearsome weapon if we apply the right accessories. It has a great rate of fire, and its range is pretty decent. It also has a high damage rating, so it can become a highly recommended option for more experienced players. One of its main drawbacks is its precision, and that it has a standard sight. We can apply silencer and cylinder head.


We find a fairly balanced weapon, ideal when we are taking our first steps in the game. It is not the most damaging by any means, but to counteract this it has little recoil. Its precision is not the best of all, but applying a suitable sight, a muzzle and a shaft we will achieve a very precise weapon at long distances. Of course, it has the highest cadence in the game. We can also apply a charger to increase the number of bullets.


an94 gff

This weapon reminds us of a classic, the AK-47. Of course, there are notable differences. The AN94 has good recoil and exceptional range, so it will be able to hit enemies at long range. Its precision and damage are not bad either, and added to its cadence we can do a lot of damage from a distance if we have good aim. It is best to apply a scope to further improve accuracy, as well as a magazine to increase the number of bullets.


One of the most balanced weapons in the entire game. Its stats are pretty decent in all respects, as it has a good amount of damage, a very high range, and more than acceptable accuracy. Its cadence is similar to that of the previous weapon, and if we can add accessories such as a silencer on top, we will be the kings of the games. Her only point against is that we can only get hold of her in supply boxes, or also find it through the treasure map.


m4a1 gff

Another classic that is present in practically all weapon video games. The M4A1 is a very balanced rifle in all respects. It has a decent degree of damage, and thanks to its range (it is the assault rifle with the longest range in the game) it can become a lethal weapon at long distances. In its other characteristics, it is a very balanced weapon. Accuracy and cadence can be improved somewhat, but can always be improved with accessories such as a sight and stock to make it one of the best options.


With its 76 points of damage, the M14 is by far the deadliest rifle in the game. It has a very high range, although this is penalized by the cadence and reload speed. The precision is not bad either, but by applying a scope, silencer and a shaft we can turn it into a real killing machine. On the other hand, it includes an exclusive accessory, the Core of Wrath. This increases the rate of fire that, with the right aim, will help us with any enemy quickly.


gff fames

A true legend of gun games. If you have good aim, the FAMAS may be your best option. His damage is not the best, but he has a very good range. The rate of fire is acceptable, and unlike other weapons, it fires three bullets in a row, so it can be lethal if we hit the enemies. On the other hand, the accuracy is not bad either, but it can always be improved by applying a stock and a bipod can be turned into a really fearsome weapon.


It’s not the AK-47, but it’s not bad either. It is a balanced weapon in all respects, except for precision. Despite this, we can add a cylinder head to fix this problem. It has high damage and a decent enough range to take out enemies that are further away. It is not a suitable weapon when we are starting to play, but if we are able to master it and handle the recoil correctly (applying a butt) it will become a fearsome weapon for our enemies.


The latest assault rifle is pretty balanced too. It has a default optical sight that cannot be changed or modified, and it deals a pretty decent amount of damage. Its range and precision are not far behind, but we can always apply a butt to have a lethal weapon in our hands at long range. The rate of fire is high, and to improve it even more we can apply extra magazines, since the default ones only include 25 bullets.

Heavy machine guns


m249 off

The M249, like the GROZA, can only be obtained from supply boxes and it is quite unlikely that it will appear. It is one of the most balanced builds in the game, and it has acceptable damage. It also reaches long distances easily thanks to its long range. Its precision is one of the best of this type of weapon, and it has a quite interesting cadence. In addition, we can add a sight to it to improve it even more. On the other hand, it has a 100-round magazine with which we can kill our enemies in a few seconds.


We find ourselves with the little sister of heavy machine guns, since it is the one that has the least weight and therefore the easiest to transport. It is a fairly balanced weapon, although its precision leaves much to be desired. We cannot attach accessories to it, with the exception of a scope and a magazine exclusive to the weapon, called a spiral magazine. This will increase the damage and precision, so we will have a quite lethal weapon if we have good aim.


gatling gff

Unlike the previous one, Gatling is the heaviest machine gun in the game. Its damage range and reach are pretty decent, and it also has very good accuracy. The cadence is pretty good too, and you don’t have to worry about running out of ammo, as its magazine includes 1,200 rounds. Of course, you must be careful when moving with it, since due to its weight we will be quite limited. No accessories can be applied to it.


A weapon that has been in Garena Free Fire for a short time. All in all, it has good damage and a fairly decent range, but its downsides make it an unsavory option. Its accuracy is one of the lowest in the game, and its accuracy is not the best either. It has an optical sight by default, and we cannot apply any accessories to it. Of course, if we crouch or throw our body to the ground and hit the bullets, it is a weapon that can inflict a lot of damage.

Light machine guns or SMGs


p90 gff

The P90 is ideal for close range fights. It has pretty decent damage and range, although its accuracy is not the best of all. Its recoil also works against it, but we can add a scope and a stock to solve this problem. It is also a good option if we want to do damage from the hip, since it has a charger of 50 bullets. If we can adapt well to it, it can be truly dangerous for enemies.


Another of the great classics of gun games. It is also a good option for medium distance, especially if we are in closed spaces. Includes an exclusive accessory called Electric Booster to increase cadence. It has good damage and very good precision, and if we apply a muzzle to increase the range, in addition to a silencer, we can easily get many casualties.


mp40 gff

A weapon with good damage and cadence that can be lethal at close range, but its range and accuracy leave a lot to be desired. We can quickly do damage to our enemies, but for them we have to apply shaft and butt to turn it into a killing machine. If you like camping, it is a great option, and by also applying chargers we can be the headache of our enemies, since by default it only has 20 bullets.


This SMG is quite similar to the UMP, although its accuracy and range are much better. It also has chargers 48 bullets, so short and medium distance is a great option. We can apply all kinds of accessories to make it even better, and it also weighs little. Its cadence and reload speed are pretty decent too. If we apply mouth and shaft we can turn it into a nightmare for our opponents.


gff vector

It has the very high precision of all SMGs, and its range is not bad either. At close range it is a deadly weapon, as it also packs a good amount of damage. We cannot apply many accessories to it, but with a mouth and a charger we can turn it into an all-rounder.


Finally, we find the Thompson, a weapon that has not been in the game for long. It is one of the best options for this type of weapon, since it has the highest damage and a quite acceptable range for short and medium distances. Its cadence is very high, and we can easily kill our enemies. If we also apply a mouth, shaft and butt, we are faced with a fearsome weapon.