Loóna: the best application to relax and sleep well every night

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Table of Contents

Featured Loóna

Many people in Spain have trouble sleeping, something that has undoubtedly increased during the pandemic that affects the whole world. There are many applications and tools that can help us sleep better, Google does it with its apps, but we also have applications specially designed for this, such as Loóna.

Loóna is an application that Google itself recommends, in fact it was selected as one of the best applications of 2020 in the Play Store. It is presented as a good help to relax and sleep, so that we will have a better rest at night and feel better that way.

Help to sleep or relax

Loóna quiz

Loóna is an application that will help you sleep better, if you have problems falling asleep, but it can also help you relax in moments of anxiety, for example. So it will be able to be used in various situations, at all times in order that you will feel better, more relaxed and thus you will be able to perform that action that you need or want at that specific moment.

When you open the application on your Android mobile, you are shown a questionnaire, so that the tools that help you are created, based on your preferences. There are questions about what you want to achieve with the app, colors that relax you, sounds that you like and more. By having this information, the application will be in charge of creating its own environments with which you can relax when you need it. That customization and that adjusts to each individual is one of the keys in this application.

Loóna questions

We find a series of playlists with soothing images and sounds, which you can play on your mobile at that moment when you want to be able to sleep or want to reduce your stress or anxiety. In addition, Loóna will guide you in your meditation and relaxation, so that it will be more effective and will take effect as soon as possible. The narration or the sounds will be relaxing and allow you to immerse yourself in another world.

Loóna personalized environments

Loóna is an application that is available only in English, something that can be a limitation for many users. Although apart from the narrations, you will not have problems with other elements in the app, so that you can enjoy the relaxing sounds or the images on the screen. Graphics and drawings can load slow at times, but it’s not something you should have too much trouble with.

How to download Loóna on Android

Loóna is an application that we can download for free on our phone Android. Inside this application we find purchases, since there are two subscriptions with which to access all the contents that are in it.

The first is a monthly subscription of 13.99 euros per month, while there is an annual subscription with a cost of 32.99 euros. These two subscriptions give unlimited access to all the content in the app.

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