Loóna, an app to relax and improve sleep recommended by Google

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Table of Contents

Perhaps this app is surprising that it is the most voted of all applications that we can find in the store. Not because of the utility it fulfills, but because of the app itself, since there are many more well-known and popular options. And we do not say it because it is an app for him mindfulness and relaxation, because it has been one of the most successful and trending categories of the year. This suggests the influence that a whole global pandemic has had, which has made us turn to our mobile phones to find an escape route.

Loóna: Bedtime Calm & Relax
Loóna: Bedtime Calm & Relax

Loóna, sleep better with the award-winning app from Google Play

Basically what Lóona is about is, for those who have not yet grasped the idea, that of an app designed specifically for relax before you go to sleep and ensure a good quality of sleep. It is a serious project and supported by people who are experts in the field of developing applications. In fact, some of them were co-founders of MSQRD, the application that allowed filters to be applied to the faces of its users that Facebook bought in 2016.

loona cover

To achieve this goal, the app uses a unique system that not many competitors have, and that is Loóna is responsible for creating a conducive environment, through relaxation activities and visual and sound narrations, so that counting sheep is a thing of the past. The interface not only offers us material to practice this relaxation, but the app guides you in this meditation so that it is not an extra effort to do it yourself. Loóna allows you to color landscapes and tell you stories so that you gradually immerse yourself in a state of relaxation that allows you to sleep peacefully.

What differentiates Loóna from other similar applications

It is a good question to determine if it is really worth betting on this application over other alternatives. Or even better, to change it for the app you already used for that purpose. Remember that the field of mindfulness It is very present in the Google Play catalog, so there are infinite alternatives to choose this one. But surely, if you have received the google play award as the best application of a whole calendar year, it must be for something.

loona quiz

Apart from what we have already mentioned that the Loóna application already has, one of the fundamental characteristics that this application has and not other options is that it is a very powerful app because works all the senses through image and sound. This is how relaxation and satisfaction are achieved.

One thing that is very interesting, for example, is that the app only has a landscape to color in, so you have to actively want the mind to prepare little by little to relax and go to sleep. It is not one of those apps that gives you a thousand options and you always have the bug to color a different landscape, or continue coloring. Loóna asks you for a conscious effort.

loona drawing

Another question that may be curious is: does it have any negative points? The answer is yes, and it is that it is not an application accessible to everyone, since only is available in english, something that seems complicated for those users who do not master the language. To add as an improvement aspect, the loading times of the drawings are somewhat slow and prolonged, even in high-performance terminals.