Loco Bingo live: play for free with your friends

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The evolution of technology has made it possible to represent many traditional games. In particular dominoes, bingo and small horses. Sure, these games entertain, but they also train. In other words, they are great learning tools. With the aim of reaching more people via mobile applications. Playspace has designed the Bingo, a totally free game. In addition, it is multiplayer.

Download Loto bingo

it is only available on smartphone. If you want to enjoy this game with your friends, download it from Play Store and App Store. The app weighs only a few mega bytes. Indeed, the download is done quickly and the installation is also simple.

bingo lotto

Once installed, you will have the opportunity to play with those around you (family and friends). But also to meet other acquaintances with the same interests as you. You will also enjoy chat features, mini games, private and public rooms.

Loco Bingo brings together several games for your happiness, including:

  • slots
  • mini games
  • jackpot
  • multiplayer
  • bingo 75
  • great bingo
  • chat roulette
  • lotto
  • triple win
  • lotto cash, etc.

Each game is a new experience for you and your friends. You can play multiplayer with new people. It is ideal for meeting new people.

Loco Loto Bingo is the best free game

Loco loto bingo is the best free game. Granted, it is packed with huge features all out of the box. But also, it offers the loto mania.

It’s a live lotto tournament that takes place every day. You have the possibility to play in multiplayer mode in order to easily win the trophy with your friends. Plus, you don’t need to use cash. Indeed, it is completely free for all. However, it is intended for adults only.

How to play Bingo lottery?

I would like to point out that the game is only for adults. Also, it is not a real money game. If you are a fan of online betting, too bad. Bingo does not win money or any real prizes.

Before starting to play, you must remember to register. For this purpose, the company to simplify the procedure. You have the possibility to register directly with your Facebook or Google account. It’s very fast, you have to wait just a few seconds.

Then you have several rooms at your disposal (Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, etc.). Please choose the one that suits you. Each room has its own principles. For this purpose, the setting and the quantity of cardboard differ. To actually start the game, you need to buy some boxes.

A box contains 15 numbers ranging from 0 to 90. Then, the distribution is carried out on a grid of three rows and nine columns. The numbers are marked automatically.

You will enjoy this great game. Feel free to use the chat to chat with your friends.

About Playspace


Playspace is a computer company that develops free and open source board games. She is the author of several games including bingo, small horse games, and domino. She made the bet to transpose the famous Bingo game to the digital world. And it’s a very successful bet, indeed, this team has designed the best free bingo.

Playspace offers various free games in over 10 different countries. You can play on various platforms including: android, iOS, web, etc.