Lock your pc automatically in Windows 10 if you are not using it

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Lock pc Windows 10

There are many occasions in which we have talked about the evolution it has had Windows 10 after seeing the light more than 5 years ago. Through its various updates it has become a benchmark operating system that has allowed us to make much more functional use of it. One of the issues that can serve us the most on a day-to-day basis is the possibility of lock our pc automatically after a period of inactivity. Thus, we are going to show you how to improve the security of your device with this simple utility.

As we know, for anyone who spends many hours in front of the computer, it is essential to get the most out of the operating system. There are many functions that Windows 10 offers us, but we do not always know how to make the most of them. And the truth is that sometimes they are there, within reach. You just have to dedicate a little time and interest to it.

A plus of security

Like any good operating system worth its salt, safety it is a key factor. From the automation of all the processes that previously required physical presence, it is common to store on our pc and in the cloud personal information Y confidential that require protection. These are sometimes not safe if our machine is not protected and anyone can access it. Here the function of automatic lock that offers, as we have previously pointed out, the Windows 10 operating system.

This option is really useful if we don’t want to be suspending the session every time we get up from the computer. For example, if we are going to be away for a long time or we do not know when we are going to return, it is interesting to make use of it.

Automatic locking after inactive time

The lock function of our computer can be activated in a automatic after being inactive for a few minutes. Before going into the matter, it should be remembered that when we move the mouse, our pc is operational again. For this reason, it is also worth noting next to the blockade password that only we know (although it seems obvious this is not always the case). In case you forget the password, something more frequent in the account, you can change your Windows 10 PIN if you have forgotten it.

The function to automatically lock the pc is present in previous versions of Windows, but it never hurts to remember how it works. And even more, know all the details of the most current operating system.

As we have pointed out in previous tutorials of the style, the first thing we must do is open the page of the Windows 10 Settings. We can do it through the command key Windows + i, or in the start menu in the lower left corner of our screen. Once here, we choose the option Personalization. We can avoid this previous step if we click directly with the right button on our desktop and click Personalize.

Lock pc Windows 10

On the left we find a menu with several options. We are going to click on Lock screen. Once here, we go to the end of the page and select Screen saver settings.

Lock pc Windows 10

At this point a pop-up window will appear and, quickly, we can select the different screen saver options from a drop-down menu. You find the classics bubbles, ribbons Y shapes and figures of all previous versions. We can also opt for the option empty, which will leave the screen in black until we resume the activity.

The options Photographs Y 3D text of the drop-down, in addition to being able to be used, they will allow us an advanced configuration. In these cases, we can choose if we want some photos stored on the pc or, on the other hand, customize the text of the screen saver.

Once the protector has been chosen, below we have the possibility of increasing or decreasing by means of the arrows, the minutes it will take time for the pc to crash after being idle.

Lock pc Windows 10

Also, if we check the option Show login screen when resuming, the machine will appear at this point. Here, we will have to retype the password to access our PC which, as we have pointed out a few lines above, is always preferable. And remember that it must be confidential and non-transferable.

After clicking on To accept, our procedure will have been saved and the automatically block function will be active from that moment.

Other options

The Lock Screen option from the menu Personalization, it also allows us other interesting functions. For example, we can configure the screen timeout in off and sleep modes.

In this case, you can choose in how many minutes both the screen and the computer will turn off or suspend after being inactive, either with battery or if the pc is plugged into the power.

What if I want to avoid automatic blocking?

As we have said, for many users this security plus that offers the option to automatically block Windows 10 is important.

But there is also the possibility of wanting bypass this block at one point. If we are alone at home or in the office, and no one can access our equipment, it is sometimes annoying to have to continually authenticate ourselves with our password every time we move from our workplace.

Thus, to eliminate this function, we return to the same menu where the option to automatically lock the pc is activated. That is, right click on the desktop + customize. Likewise, we can access it with the Windows key + i, or through the Windows start menu located in the lower left corner of the screen.

Once inside Personalization, we go back to Lock screen. But this time an option that we have already added a few lines before, Setting the screen timeout.

Lock pc Windows 10

Here we find the options outlined above. For example, we can choose the time that passes until we decide that our screen or computer is turned off or suspended. But in this last case that concerns us, to avoid the automatic blocking option, we just have to select the option Never in all four dropdowns.

Lock pc Windows 10

Once this is done, it is not necessary to save the configuration. If we go directly out of the menu, our changes will have been saved automatically and, in this way, we will have avoided the option of automatically locking the pc.

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