Lock the mouse on a monitor, window, or program

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In most cases, more if we spend a good amount of hours in front of the PcFor both work and leisure, the bigger the desk, the better. One of the most effective solutions that we can use in this regard, is through the use of two screens.

In fact Windows 10 is an operating system that offers us all the possibilities to achieve this that we tell you. All thanks to the functions that it proposes to us in order to facilitate these tasks. And it is that a good amount of users, especially those who use the computer to play or to work, opt for this modality.

How to connect a wireless display to your PC in Windows

To say that for these use environments, being able to have two monitors connected to the computer at the same time, it offers us many advantages. But in the same way we can use a wireless screen, for example to work with your ircomputer on your Smart TV. This is something that in the Redmond system we can configure from the Configuration application of the operating system in a simple way.

To all this, first of all we access by means of the Win + I key combination, and we go to the System / Screen section.

multiple screens

Here we can add these elements, as well as configure their behavior and functionality. In order to add a second wireless screen to which to send the image signal, we just have to click on the Detect button.

At that time the system will start to search for the elements to which it can be connected that are within the range of action, via DLNA. Then we just have to select the one that interests us, and confirm the connection on the destination computer. Thus, for example, we can work or play on the PC with our large-format Smart TV.

But it is also true that when working with two screens, it can sometimes become a real nuisance in other cases. This becomes inconvenient when, for example, we are Playing in the computer. And is that many of these having two monitors connected and we move the mouse Inside them, when we leave the game frame, the cursor automatically goes to the second monitor.

Lock the cursor when using multiple screens

Therefore, and as you can imagine, the game remains uncontrolled until we return that cursor to its window. It is also possible that in certain circumstances we have to hold the mouse in a specific window and we do not want it to move from it.

Download and install Cursor Lock

But we are going to find a solution for all this that we are commenting on. In fact we are going to show you how to block the mouse cursor depending on our needs. We will achieve this thanks to the free application called Cursor Lock that we can download from here. Specifically, we are talking about an application that allows us lock mouse within a window, application, or monitor. Therefore, even if we are using several monitors and we move the mouse cursor from one to another, let’s not lose focus of the application that is running and using, such as a game.

Therefore we only have to download the program as such from its official website, and we install it in Windows like any other. Once we have it ready, we execute it and we will find the main interface of the program.

Course lock interface

Lock the mouse cursor in a program or game

The first thing to know is that this is a program that has a large number of customizable options and parameters. Most of them are based on ways to lock the mouse within yourself window or application. Of course, at the same time we must know that we have a quicker and easier use of the program for those who do not want too many complications. Therefore, for those who are looking for a quick solution to the problem that concerns us in these lines, what we must do is look for the executable of the program or game.

Specifically, we refer to the application that we are going to run and that we want to block, so we must know the path of its executable file. For this we only have to activate the Open Program box of the main interface. Then, through the button that is located to the right of it, we will be able to search for the file of the program or game from which we want to block the cursor.

Say that at the bottom of this interface, we find a button called Self test that helps us to test if what we have just done works. In the same way, if we are going to use this specific block more times in the future, we can click on Create Shortcut to create a direct access to the process itself.

mouse cursor shortcut

Lock for a specific screen or window

But that’s not all, but we also have the possibility of indicating to the application that we want the course to be inside a window or screen. At the top of the main interface we see four buttons, so in this case we are in the second, User mode. Here we see a selector Lock Region that allows us to choose if we want the mouse to be blocked on the screen, the entire window, or only inside it.

Mouse region lock list

Another way to lock the mouse cursor

In these same lines we want to talk about another third-party program that can be very helpful for these tasks that we are commenting on. Specifically, it is the application called Bluetlife KeyFreeze. Thanks to this application we can block both the mouse like the keyboard, two in one. It is also important to know that it is a portable and totally free program that you can download from this link.

It puts at our disposal a simple user interface that allows us to make a fairly intuitive use of the software as such. Once we have started, the program itself starts up hidden in the windows taskbar.

Bluetlife KeyFreeze interface

But at the same time it proposes a series of configurable parameters that allow us, for example, to block both elements, or just one. For the tasks that concern us here, what we must do is uncheck only the Allow mouse movement selector. We will also have the possibility to hide the pointer itself and assign a key combination to bring it back to life.