LineageOS brings Android TV to the Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo switch

Install Android on the Nintendo Switch It has been possible for a while, as many users in Spain already know. Now you can use Android 10, unofficially, thanks to LineageOS. Developers have managed to bring LineageOS 17.1 based on Android 10 to the popular Nintendo console.

There are two builds in addition, one of them based on a tablet interface, but the other one is based on Android TV. In addition, a series of specific functions and improvements are introduced for this Nintendo Switch, so that you will be able to get the most out of this software.

Android 10 for the Nintendo Switch

Android on the Nintendo Switch: you can turn your console into a tablet

The version of Android 10 that launches is based on Lineage OS 17.1 for the NVIDIA Shield TV. There are a number of improvements that are released specifically for the Nintendo Switch, as we have mentioned. They seek to take advantage of the hardware of the popular Japanese brand console. Some of the news that they have left us are:

  • Build based on Android TV.
  • Fan profiles for quiet operation.
  • Updates via OTA.
  • Touch controller improvements.
  • Pro Controller and Joy-Con compatibility.
  • Deep sleep mode.
  • Improved Bluetooth accessory support.
  • Shield TV remote app support for easy control.
  • Easier installation with the Hekate partition tool.
  • Simpler power profiles.

Two builds are released for the Nintendo Switch: one based on tablet mode so that the console can be used without the dock. The second compilation is based on Android TV and is designed to use the console in the dock, because we will have Android TV on our television and be able to run the games in this way.

Both builds are also compatible with Google applications, which must be installed in a separate pack. So each user can install whatever they want in the well-known console. The two ROMs can be downloaded from XDA Developers. They are unofficial builds, so anything you install is at your own risk.

The LineageOS entry brings Android TV to the Nintendo Switch appears first in The Free Android.