LG’s roll-up mobile leaks: these are its specifications and price

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LG's roll-up mobile leaks: these are its specifications and price 1

The LG Wing It is one of the most interesting launches of this year in Spain. The brand surprised us with an innovative mobile phone that has given us a lot to talk about in recent months. Looking ahead to 2021 they seek to continue giving some of their launches something to talk about, since one of the models they plan to launch is their first roll-up mobile.

A few months ago the plans for LG to launch a roll-up mobile to the market in 2021. Until now, not much was known about this device, although a series of images were filtered, which allowed us to see its design. Little by little we know more, because now its specifications and price have been leaked.

This will be the rolling LG mobile

According to a new leak, this roll-up mobile from LG it will come with a 7.4 inch screenWhen unrolled, the phone screen will stay at 6.8 inches. In addition, there will be various screen modes, depending on what is done on the device: phone mode, cinema mode, and a productivity mode. These modes will allow you to get the most out of the device in all kinds of situations.

This device will be a top of the range, since it will use Snapdragon 888 as processor, the recently introduced high-end processor from Qualcomm. Along with this chip there would be a 16 GB RAM in addition to a 4,200 mAh capacity battery. The type of fast charge it would have has not been mentioned at the moment.

LG is expected to make this device official in March, although it could end up being delayed to the month of June. The brand seeks to be the first to have a rollable mobile on the market, but there are brands like OPPO that are also working on one, so they may make it official in March, just to get ahead of their competitors.

LG roll-up mobile

As for the price, this phone is expected to be expensive, but today’s leak already makes it clear to us how expensive this device will be. As it has been known, LG’s roll-up mobile would cost $ 2,359, which are about 1,925 euros to change, but it would not be strange if the phone is around 2,000 euros in price. We will have to wait a few months to find out more about it.

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