LG would have stopped the development of its roll-up mobile: its future is uncertain

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LG Rollable featured

The LG Rollable is a device to be expected with enormous interest this year in Spain. It is the first roll-up mobile from LG, whose existence was confirmed at CES 2021 in January. The brand showed this device in a video, whose screen will be expanded or reduced by pressing a button.

Shortly after showing this advance, the brand confirmed that this LG Rollable would reach the market in 2021. Although the poor results of the company’s mobile division, with rumors of sale involved, could be a threat to its launch, which is increasingly in doubt.

LG Rollable development stopped

According to BizChosun, the brand would have stopped the development of three devices using an OLED panel. This type of panel was to be used in the manufacturer’s next innovative smartphones, among which we find the LG Rollable, as well as folding. The fact that these projects do not go ahead raises doubts about the future of these phones.

The main reason why the development of these smartphones would have been stopped seems to be the poor results in its mobile division. Sales of its phone division have been falling for years, with a shrinking share in many markets. His commitment to launch innovative phones, such as the LG Wing and the models for this year, was considered the solution to these poor results.

Projects like the LG Rollable were being developed in collaboration with BOE, well-known panel manufacturer. BOE is now considering a lawsuit against LG due to the development costs they have incurred. So it is possible that the Korean manufacturer would have to pay the brand for these projects that would not reach the market.

So far there is no official confirmation from the brand about the end of these projects. The LG Rollable was seen as one of the most innovative models of this 2021 and was one of the hopes of the manufacturer for this year. The possibility that we will never see this device becomes more and more real.

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