LG surrenders: it will leave the business of mobile phones

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The technology sector is one of the largest in the world, and one of the most competitive. This is especially important in mobile telephony, where Android has allowed the entrance of a huge number of players worldwide.

In Spain we have seen how we went from using mostly brands such as Nokia, LG or Sony to others that did not exist twenty years ago, such as Xiaomi.

The paradigm shift has been claiming victims and today we must add one more, LG.

LG announces that it is leaving the mobile business

For a few weeks there were rumors about the possibility of LG leaving the mobile phone sector, either closing its division or selling it to another company.

LG surrenders: it will leave the business of mobile phones 1

Apparently the latter was not viable and finally today the South Korean corporation has officially announced that it is abandoning its attempt to fight for a place in this highly competitive market.

The reason for this move is clear, to allow the company to focus its resources on being able to fight in the most profitable segments, such as the components of electric vehicles, connected devices, smart homes, robotics, artificial intelligence and services.

Guarantees are maintained and there is an end date

As required by law, all LG mobile buyers will have their warranty service available for the period that is legal in their country. Also, LG will ditch its inventory so we could see some aggressive offers in the coming months. Of course, we must forget about seeing any more Android update for these phones.

The July 31, 2021 It will be the final official date of the closing of operations, although it is possible that even after that moment we will see certain terminals for sale, until the stock is exhausted.

We forget about rolling mobiles and new models

LG surrenders: it will leave the business of mobile phones 2

This decision cancels the launch of the latest prototype presented by LG, a rolling mobile similar to the one we had seen in OPPO and which was already rumored to be canceled.

We do not know if LG will sell patents or license some technologies to other companies, but it seems that if so, it will not be something especially important.

The entrance LG surrenders: it will leave the business of mobile phones appears first in The Free Android.