LG shows how will be the design of its next mobile “perfection”touch

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LG shows how will be the design of its next mobile "perfection"touch 1

The release date for the next mobile LG about. And the manufacturer has decided to redefine your entire line of design, all according to his own words: LG has presented the first sketches of how will be your next great smartphone. Yes, there seems to be so innovative.

LG is one of the few well-known manufacturers that has not yet presented its range of phones more important by 2020. We ignore what will definitely be chosen because it is not certain that the brand will continue with the line ‘G’, but we know where iran is the design of the smartphone. And it has been the own LG who has shared: the upcoming smartphone will focus on the symmetry, the screen is curved and the multiple cameras at the rear in vertical.

LG’s bet for the screen curved and the symmetry

Lg New Mobile

There are two sketches that has shown the hyundai brand. In both drawings there is a phone of songs very anti-aliased with the screen curved without going to the extreme (it does not appear ‘waterfall’ or waterfall), an element that LG had not yet entered on their phone in spite of the manufacture of panels OLED. The clean design is striking, also the use of the front. We don’t know if the screen will cut in the form of a tab or ‘notch’, which has been using the LG up until now, or bet for the hole in the panel for the camera selfie. Of bet by one, we would say that the second thing.

In the words of LG, their new design language is minimalist and natural. Your visual factor “differs from the trends of the industry“and you have symmetry in the curves for the sides of the front and rear. The future mobile phone will have triple back-up camera with the appearance of “rain drops” (a large chamber separated from smaller cameras and the LED flash). The angles are banished from the design, to make the phone not only more attractive to the eye, also more pleasant to the touch. As dictated by the LG in the title, your future smartphone will have “visual elegance“and “perfection touch“. All very poetic.

We ignore when will LG its mobile future, we do know the date rumored: may 15. It is expected that the denomination ceases to be the ‘G’, so the LG G9 might not exist. In addition, the design chosen for the phone will be the base for the rest of the catalog that will come behind it, a design not very different from what is currently seen on the high range. We’ll see if LG manages to really surprise you.

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LG shows how will be the design of its next mobile “perfection” touch

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LG shows how will be the design of its next mobile "perfection"touch 2

LG shows how will be the design of its next mobile "perfection"touch 3