LG reveals its calendar of updates to Android 11 and we no longer know what to think

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LG is one of the most veteran mobile manufacturers in Spain although lately they have not had good times. After years of losses, the company has declared that it is time to think with a cold mind and according to rumors they would even have a formal offer on the table.

Make the decision that you finally make, this should not change the business plans of the company and in the meantime they should not only launch new mobiles on the market, but keep those that have already been launched. For the arrival of Android 11 the company has established its roadmap, and it is disappointing to say the least.

LG phones that update to Android 11 and their dates

For several months, most Android manufacturers have been updating their phones to Android 11. LG has not yet made a move with its terminals, although in Germany they have already announced that the updates are in the testing phase.

LG reveals its calendar of updates to Android 11 and we no longer know what to think 1LG Velvet, LG’s flagship mobile for 2020.

The South Korean company has announced an expected period of updates for its models for the European market and the deadlines are almost to throw their hands at their head. The company’s flagship mobile during 2020 will update in April, 7 months after the official launch of Android 11 and two months after its update began in South Korea, and during the following months they will update 6 more mobiles. These are their expected dates:

  • April 2021:
    • Velvet 5G.
  • 2nd quarter of 2021:
    • G8X.
  • 3rd quarter of 2021:
    • Velvet 4G.
    • G8S.
  • 4th quarter of 2021:
    • Wing.
    • K52.
    • K42.

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The most striking case is that of the LG Wing, a mobile that is currently the last to reach the market and that boasts the highest price in the South Korean manufacturer’s catalog. It does not make any sense that a mobile of 1000 euros receives Android 11more than a year after the official launch on a date when its direct rivals will already be updating or considering the update to Android 12.

Last year we praised the company’s design effort, both in terms of hardware and software, but in such a competitive market it is not enough. A spectacular or innovative mobile can attract new buyers, but with this policy of updates they will certainly be unable to retain them in the company.

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