LG promises to keep updating its premium smartphones for the next 3 years

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LG promises to keep updating its premium smartphones for the next 3 years 1

The mobile phone market lost a few days ago one of its most recognized names: LG announced that it is leaving the smartphone business. Today the South Korean company promises that its most premium mobiles will continue to receive operating system updates for the next 3 years.

After the announcement of its abandonment of the market in 2021, many users have wondered what happened to LG’s warranty on their devices, or what update policy they would follow from the moment they stop manufacturing smartphones. Today LG has published a short press release with its «three year promise»In Android updates.

Up to 3 years of updates on LG

“LG announces that all its Premium smartphones currently on the market will receive up to 3 iterations of the Android operating system from the year of purchase,” the statement reads.

What are those premium models? According to the company, LG smartphones that will have this guarantee of update of three operating systems applies to models from 2019 of the G series, V series, VELVET and the LG WING.

LG promises to keep updating its premium smartphones for the next 3 years 2

Also, models not so premium but released in 2020, such as the LG Stylo and the K series, will have two operating system updates.

The exit from the market will not be immediate, LG will continue to manufacture smartphones throughout the second quarter of 2021 to comply with commitments and contracts with partners, and therefore during these months we will continue to see all types of company models for sale, taking the opportunity to promote this update policy.

In this way, LG wants to reassure its current customers, and those users who plan to buy a mobile phone from the brand in the near future. It is certainly a surprising politics to continue developing the software for the next three years, although questions remain about what kind of updates will be.

Will they receive the new versions of Android until 2023-2024? Will they end up being only minor updates focused on security patches? Will this policy be accompanied by strong and aggressive discounts on their devices in the coming months to get rid of the stock? Time will tell, the promise of LG is there.

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