Let Netflix surprise you with the “Play Something” button

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Let Netflix surprise you with the "Play Something" button 1

We don’t always decide on what to watch on streaming platforms. You spend more time choosing a series or movie than watching it, if you end up falling asleep or falling asleep five minutes later. That is why streaming platforms have recommendations designed so that you can choose quickly without having to think too much. Specific, Netflix has the “play something” tool that allows us to let the platform decide.

This feature arrived on Netflix in May 2021 and is available for different devices. What the button takes into account is nour tastes and our evaluations. Thus, when you do not know what to see, it will automatically put something that it thinks you may like based on what you have seen before or have previously valued.

What is it

“Play something” is a button that appears on the platform interface and that works as a kind of “random” for reproduce anything you might like without your choosing. Taking into account what you have seen before or what you have valued, Netflix decides according to the percentage of affinity and saves you time when choosing what to watch tonight. It is not random content but content based on previous decisions, on content, on your history. And not just new things but things that perhaps you have already started and have not resumed. In addition, of course, you will not always get the same content when you touch this option.

From the content presentation page, Netflix explains: “When you press the Play something button, immediately a series or movie will appear that we know you will love based on what you’ve already seen. And if you press it again, you can access Play something else ”.

The type of content that can be displayed is:

  • A new series or movie
  • A series or movie that you have left half and are watching
  • A series or movie that you have on your Netflix list
  • A series or movie that you haven’t finished watching

On what devices?

Although Netflix has not made official the devices that include this option, at the moment we have only seen the option in the Netflix apps for Smart TV or devices like Chromecast with Google TV. The button is not available, for now, in the application for mobile phones or in the desktop version for Windows, but it is available when we open it from the TV.

We cannot get carried away in the browser either, only when we open it in Smart TV or Amazon Fire TV skills, in the Chromecast applications, Google TV, etc.

How to use

There are three options for watch “play something” on Netflix from different platforms. You should bear in mind that it may not be available from all devices, as we have explained in previous paragraphs. That is, it is possible that when accessing from the browser we do not see this button or it is not always available. But since the Smart TV or from the TV box There are three options available to find it:

  • Below the profile name

When you access the Netflix profile, you will see the different profiles in your account. You will see name, avatar and under the profile you will see “Play something”. You can tap on this button, as you see in the image below, to get you started.


  • In the 10th row of the home page

On the Netflix home page you can see the different recommendations in rows. You will see categories, your list, your recommendations according to what you have seen. And if you go down with the TV remote you can find the screen of “Play something”. Then a message will appear on the screen: Choose Play Something and we will randomly select Netflix titles that suit your tastes.

Play Something Random

  • In the navigation menu on the left

In the left menu you can also find the button. On the left side of the screen you can find options such as Search, Start, Play something, Most viewed news, Series, Movies … Here we can choose “Play something” and it will automatically take us to this option to see something random.

Menu play something

Content types

As we have seen in the previous paragraphs, the type of content may be that you are watching and have half, series or movies that you have left pending or new content related to what you have already seen. What you can see in some pictures below, Netflix can tell us why it shows us one or the other.


It may simply put the type of content you like as “music documentary you might like.” But it is also possible that the streaming platform tell you exactly why you have shown that content in “play something” if it looks like another that you have seen or valued. In that case, it will show us a message in the lower left corner that indicates “a docuseries like… X” or “a TV comedy like… X” and that way you will know what it looks like.


Check appraisals and history

If you want to see what you have valued for know what can be recommended for youWe can do it from the settings of our Netflix account in the computer’s browser. You must open Netflix and log into your account. Once you have it open, go to the upper right corner of the screen and open the menu.

  • Tap on “Account”
  • Scroll to the end
  • Seeks “Viewing activity”
  • Tap on “View”

Everything you’ve seen in recent days will open here. But in the upper right corner we will see two options: Viewing | Valued. Tap on “Valued” to see how you have voted on everything you have seen in recent times. Next to each title you can mark with a thumb up or thumb down if you want to decide if you like it or not and if you are interested in having things recommended based on that content.


To evaluate any series well or badly you must go to the main screen of Netflix and search for the content you want. When you move the mouse over the corresponding thumbnail, you will see options such as play, add to the list or thumbs up or down to rate. You can rate any title independently if you have seen it or not if you know that you did not like it or if you have seen it on another platform or on another account. This will make the random play more likely to hit what it shows.

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