Learn how to manage emoticons on your Twitch channel

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twitch emoticons

The emoticons are a great way to personalize and spice up your channel Twitch. It is, without a doubt, one of the great advantages that we can find within the options of partners and affiliates. With these icons, subscribers can be rewarded and it is a very good way to interact with them during streams. In this article we will address in a general way how manage Y manage these emoticons on your Twitch channel so that you become an expert and can grow on the platform.

The emojis they are part of the essence of Twitch. With them, streamers and viewers can express their feelings and opinions in a very fast and dynamic way. We can say, therefore, that these icons are the language himself within the culture of Twitch. They allow us to show our emotions, celebrate milestones, interact in a comical way, express sympathy, etc.

The users of this social platform have in these symbols the best mechanism to give their profile its own personality. In the case of your channel, if you want to grow within the Twitch community, it is important to brand image. Making good use of them can help you.

Therefore, it is not only important to know how to manage subscriber emoticons, but also take into account some basic aspects that help you to make the most of the tool that the platform puts at your disposal.

Manage your emoticons

Once you are before the start of your streaming, from the control Panel you can start managing your icons.

  • From here, in the sidebar on the left, you will have to select Spectator rewards.
  • Then choose Emoticons. Within this section, click on Subscriber emoticons.
  • Now a list with all the emoticons you have will appear in that section. They will be grouped by level.
  • To upload an emoticon, you must click on the + button, which is located under each of the levels. In case of not having available slots, you will have to delete an emoticon before.

twitch emoticons

Ways to upload emoticons

Automatic mode

Uploading emoticons by automatic adjustment is very easy and simple. In our case, the measurements must be between 112 × 112 px and 4096 × 4096. In no case should they weigh more than 1 MB.

  • To do this, we go to upload icon square located on the left side. The files will be automatically converted to the required sizes.
  • Within Code, we will give you a Name to our icon. The full code will match this name plus the prefix. Once our file is uploaded, with the selected code, we finally click on Upload emoticon.

Manual mode

The other option is to upload the icons manually, thus preventing the system from automatically resizing them. There are three sizes available: 28 × 28, 56 × 56 and 112 × 112.

  • First of all, you have to touch the slider to deactivate the automatic mode.
  • Now, in the same way as in the previous section, click on the upload icon that is in each box. Each one will have its dimensions specified.
  • Put a name back inside Code of the emoji. Again, the full code will be the prefix more him icon name.
  • When the files are uploaded, click Upload emoticon.

twitch emoticons

Reorder the available slots

With all our symbols uploaded, you must select and drag them to each of the slots. When you want to assign it somewhere, release the left mouse button. Keep in mind that the position in which you place the emojis will influence the order in which they are displayed.

You can also do this operation in the form Handbook. Once they are inside a slot, click on the icon number and assign the order you want with the keyboard. Clicking on Enter you will save the changes.

twitch emoticons

Delete an emoticon

If at any time you want to get rid of an emoticon, the process is extremely fast.

  • To do this, you just have to place the mouse over one of the emoticons and a paper bin.
  • Now, click on it and accept the message from icon removal.

twitch emoticons

Change or replace emojis

Once you have already removed one of these icons with the previous step, you can replace it with another. The process is easy and you just have to put together the steps detailed previously.

  • Remove the emoticon
  • Upload it from the upload icon In the box.
  • give a Name. The complete code will consist of this Name Y the prefix.
  • Finally, click on Upload emoticon when the file is uploaded.

Modify emoticons

It is also possible to set modifiers of emojis for your level 2 and 3 subscribers. This allows some fun or eye-catching changes to be made to the icons you’ve created.

For example, this can include horizontal rotation, sunglasses, think, grayscale, or squashed. In this way, your subscribers will have some extra options with which to interact which, in this case, will give a richer and more personal air to your channel.

The modifiers are found below the existing emoticons in each of the levels.

  • To change it, click on any existing modifier or on the symbol +. Thus, the options menu will be displayed. As a note, you can only use each modifier once.
  • Now click on the modifier you want to assign to the corresponding icons. You can even delete it by clicking on the image in the trash can.

Tips for creating your own emoticons

  • If your icon comes from a photograph, the image must have quality and illumination enough. Keep in mind that the number of emoticons is limited until you grow. Therefore, if dark and poorly optimized images abound, the options for your subscribers will be less.
  • Put the symbols together by Colour, style or thematic. It is also important that everyone follow the same design line or idea. Thus, you will be giving your channel a fluid appearance and a personality of its own.
  • To create them, opt for the images and simple photos. The size is also limited, therefore, excess details will create a feeling of saturation and it can generate rejection.
  • If you use memes, do not frequently resort to the most typical of the Internet. It is preferable to base your icons on those generated by your community. Thus, your subscribers can feel more linked to each emoticon.
  • It is important update. Therefore, you should monitor the popularity of emojis as time goes by. Perhaps on your list there are some that are no longer used. In this case, you can try to eliminate them and replace them with others.
  • We have already pointed out that it is preferable to opt for the emoticons of your own community. In this case, it is advisable to take into account the opinions of the rest of users. You can ask for an opinion on which icons will be used the most and which ones will be deprecated. The debate is always favorable.

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