Learn English from your mobile with personalized classes

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We are going to reel off all the details of this wonderful, useful and interesting application that eliminates at a stroke the typical excuse of time to learn a new language. A free app with a subsequent subscription that may be worth paying for when we tell you everything it has.

Tongo - Learn English
Tongo - Learn English

An app to learn English in a fun way

Tongo is an application to learn English very fun and intuitive to use. It is like a personalized course that you can take with you everywhere to learn to speak, read, listen and write in the English language. It is a complete one in every way, and offers you activities such as downloading lessons, a dictionary to translate English to Spanish and vice versa, as well as more than 100 sentences in English / Spanish.

tongo courses

Tongo is a great application, its interface is very simple, attractive to look at and it has everything you need to learn English in a fun and practical way. In the app you can find many books to learn English and, best of all, you can level up as you improve. In addition, you will have more opportunities to learn the English language, it is an incredible application that will help you in your English grammar and pronunciation.

First steps in Tongo

The app makes us go through a series of questions as a questionnaire to find out what our daily life and our tastes are. He is not interested in the name, or the email or even a phone number. No personal data, just start asking the level of language, the native language, the learning objective that we have raised, and tastes of different series.

Once we have everything configured, the app begins to prepare a plan adjusted to our needs. We will have different methods to expand both vocabulary, grammar and reading or oral comprehension. The main route is the list of courses that the app offers us, since they are adapted to our day-to-day and level. However, to change the scope a bit, each day there is a special word to analyze as part of the vocabulary expansion. Thus, we can see how it is written and how it is pronounced, as well as its meaning and its etymology.

tongo quiz

But it is that, in addition, we have a complete library with popular books for all ages (like Little Red Riding Hood or Alice in Wonderland) and different articles with which we can expand both our vocabulary and our knowledge on different topics. The titles are in Spanish to know the topic it deals with, but the texts are completely in English, although there is usually an editorial voice that tells us the whole article for a better understanding.

Lessons that adapt to your everyday life

The best thing about this app is that it is totally tailored to user needs, since it is capable of creating a personalized plan for each of them. For Tango, any time is a good time to learn a little about the language without compromising any other task during the day. It gives us different options for the algorithm to design a series of courses with which we feel comfortable, both in level and in duration.

tongo vocabulary

We can establish whether the learning is to expand basic concepts, to improve in studies, for greater comfort in travel or to understand books or movies. Likewise, we have four ranges of levels and a daily reading goal that ranges from 10 minutes to 1 hour, as well as choosing the days of lessons. Although the app does an initial questionnaire, we can modify all these parameters at any time by going to the ‘Settings’ section.

tongo library

Another thing to highlight is the ratings it has in the official download stores, as it is more than 4.5 stars and most of his opinions emphasize how to learn vocabulary quickly. Without a doubt Tongo learning English is a new, different and fun option to learn the language on Android. Of course, it is a good service that later has to be paid for, so when we have a few lessons, we will have to pay a subscription.