Learn Basque with an Android app: the best options

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Learn Basque app

In the Play Store there are a large number of applications to learn languages ​​on Android. The normal thing is that these apps help us to learn languages ​​such as English, German, French or Chinese, for example. Although there are users who They are looking to learn Basque through an Android app. Luckily, there are applications that we can download that will help us if we want to learn this language.

Basque is not an easy language to learn. An Android app to learn Basque is presented as a good help or support. It is a good option if we are currently taking classes or if we are preparing to do so. Also if you want to know more about this language it is a good option. In the Play Store we have a good selection of applications available with which to improve, practice and learn this language from your mobile or tablet.

We have compiled a series of applications, five in total, available in the Google Play Store. These applications give us different options and have different purposes. From forming sentences, to expanding vocabulary, to conjugating verbs or being able to translate phrases or words, for example. All of them cover areas that are of great importance when it comes to learning a language such as Euskera, so they will be a good help for many.

As we have said, each of these apps is different. They are all one app to learn Basque on Android, although they will cover various needs that we must take into account when learning this language. Therefore, if there are areas in which you think you need more help, they will be of help in your case.


Bagoaz app learn Basque Android

We start with one of the most complete applications to learn Basque that we can download on Android. Bagoaz is an app that is designed for a somewhat more advanced level, so it may not be ideal if you are just starting out. This app is divided into a total of 36 lessons, something that makes it much more bearable and allows you to progress little by little with the language. The lessons within the app cover a wide variety of topics, so you will cover many areas and thus master the language little by little.

Within all the lessons that we find in this application we have various exercises available. These are exercises that seek that we go to practice in all kinds of fields. That is to say, we will be able to practice writing, the composition of phrases in Basque, the rules of the language, the pronunciation of words or improve our grammar, for example. This is something that will allow us to put into practice everything we are learning in those lessons that are in the application. In addition, Bagoaz is an app to learn Basque that stands out for having a really easy-to-use interface, so that we can move comfortably in it. We also find a powerful dictionary within the app, another element that will be of great help in this process of learning the language.

Bagoaz is undoubtedly one of the best apps to learn Basque on Android. We find an application that we can download for free from the Google Play Store on our mobile or tablet. What’s more. Within the app there are no purchases or advertisements of any kind, so we can focus on your lessons and exercises without any distraction.

Euskara Hiztegia

Euskara Hiztegia

Euskara Hiztegia is really a dictionary with which to be able to translate and know what the words mean, but it is a very complete dictionary. Within this application we will be able to translate the main words and phrases that we need to take the first steps in Basque. In addition to being able to translate common phrases and expressions, which is another important aspect. The translator inside it is very effective and works even without the need for an Internet connection. Therefore, it will be possible to consult any word or expression that we want to know at any time.

Within this application we also have an encyclopedia available, which is presented as another tool to help you learn lessons in the language. Voice input is available, which is a good way to learn how to pronounce words. In addition, it has a search history, in case we want to see again something that we recently searched for in it. It is also designed so that we can improve spelling and grammar at all times. In this way we will be able to start learning and mastering this language in a way that adapts to what we need.

Euskera Hiztegia is an app to learn Basque that is available for free on the Google Play Store. Inside it we have ads, but they are not invasive or prevent a good use of the app on the phone, luckily, so they do not present a problem. You can download it here:

IKAPP Deklinabidea

IKAPP Deklinabidea

This application focuses exclusively on the declension of verbs in Basque. The declension of verbs is one of the most complex aspects when learning Basque. That is why it is very helpful to have an application that is exclusively dedicated to this aspect, since if you have doubts or simply want to see how a certain verb is declined, this app will help you know it at any time.

Within the app there are several options when declining something. It is possible to write a word in question, so that its declension will be generated automatically. In addition, it also has a large number of tables that allow us to see all those declensions of a specific verb, for example. So if we want to learn them, it is something that this app also makes possible. We have a good number of exercises available within the app, which will allow us to put into practice everything we learn the language. The exercises are of many different levels, for all types of users.

IKAPP Deklinabidea is a very helpful app to learn Basque. This app can be download for free from the Google Play Store. Inside the application there are no purchases or ads, so we will not have any distraction when using it on the phone or tablet.

Hizketa Ereduaz

Hizketa Ereduaz

Hizketa Ereduaz is a good application with which we can practice speaking and pronunciation of Basque. Within the application we have different types of conversations, with many different types of situations that we are going to find in real life. This is something that will help us to a more practical implementation of the Basque language in real situations. In addition, it has several integrated functions, such as a phrase converter, so it is presented as a useful app for learning Basque.

The app allows us to translate phrases that we want to know or apply in some context, something that we can do from the bar inside the app. In addition, several results are usually displayed per phrase, so that we select the one that best applies to that context in which we want to use that specific phrase. All the examples are also correct, because all the examples within the application have been reviewed and certified by the Terminology Commission of the Basque Advisory Council.

It is presented as another good app to learn Basque on Android. This application can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. In addition, there are no purchases or advertisements of any kind inside. It is a very light app, which barely occupies 3 MB of weight in the phone’s storage.

Learn Basque to communicate and travel

Learn Basque for travelers app

If you are going to go on a trip to the Basque Country and want to know some Basque, this is a good app for it. It is an app that guides to learning Basque for travelers, that is to say, in it we do not have a complete immersion in the language, but it will be possible to learn the main phrases, expressions or words to use on the trip to this region. It is a good way to get better communication with people there or to be able to understand when someone is speaking the language.

Within the application we have a multitude of categories, so it will be possible to learn phrases, expressions or words that are useful in each of them, so that we choose the situation in which we want to apply them when we are somewhere in the Basque Country. In addition, we will be able to hear the words at all times as well, so that it is possible to know the way in which we have to pronounce them, so communication is simpler. The app also has a lot of information about the Basque Country and thus knows which places to visit.

This app to learn Basque for travelers can be download for free on the Google Play Store. Inside we have ads, but they do not cause the use of the app to be uncomfortable, for example.