Learn and improve your English with series and movies thanks to Skeebdo

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Skeebdo featured

Learn English or improve your level of English It is something that millions of people in Spain want to do. Our Android phones can be a good help in this regard, thanks to the many applications out there for learning languages. An application that can help us improve English vocabulary in a fun way is Skeebdo.

Skeebdo is an application with which you will learn words thanks to television series and movies. In the app we have words that are used in series or movies, so that we learn what they mean and how they are pronounced. This will help us to improve our level of English in a fun way.

Learn English with your favorite series and movies

Skeebdo home

Skeebdo is an application with which you can select your favorite series and movies, to learn words from them. In the app we can choose genres or select specific content, such as a series or movie. They are going to choose a series of words that are used in that series or movie, which will be the ones that we are going to learn.

Skeebdo words exercise

The application gives us the definition of each one, as well as the context in which it is used and allows us to listen to it, so that we know the way it is pronounced. Once we have memorized them, a series of questions are asked to check if we have really learned these words and know what they mean. As we answer questions correctly, we will level up in the app.

Skeebdo exercises

Skeebdo has a huge database with more than 200,000 series and movies from which to learn. When we have chosen one, those relevant words will be shown to us, which are adjusted to the level that we have marked that we have. We can choose which words to learn from the list, in case there are some that we already know, for example. The variety of content helps us to learn many new words.

Skeebdo series

This application can also help you when viewing series and movies in their original version on platforms like Netflix, HBO, Prime Video or more. By already knowing words that we see in them, we will be able to follow the plots more easily, helping to improve our vocabulary and understanding of the Shakespearean language.

How to download Skeebdo on Android

Skeebdo is an application that you can download for free from the Play Store. Inside the application we find advertisements, as well as some limitations, which we can eliminate with its paid version. We can pay 4.99 euros per month or bet on an annual plan of 37.99 euros. These plans remove ads, in addition to giving us access to all content in the app.

Learn and improve your English with series and movies thanks to Skeebdo 1

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