Learn about a work of art every day on Android: this is DailyArt

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Table of Contents

Featured DailyArt

Many users in Spain they wish they could learn about art, something that is possible through a multitude of applications. The selection is wide, but there is always an application that stands out above the rest, as is also the case in this case. A good option for those users looking to learn more about art is DailyArt, which we can download for free on Android.

DailyArt is an application where each day a different work of art stands out, allowing us to learn about said work of art, as well as to know more about the author of said work. A simple and very entertaining way to expand our knowledge of art in the simplest way possible.

DailyArt: a work of art a day


DailyArt stands out for its huge archive, with more than 2,500 works of art by 780 different artists, so we have art for a while with this app. Each day the protagonist will be a different work, allowing us to know more about said work, such as its origin and the history behind it, as well as being able to know more about the artist behind the work, thanks to his biography.

The application allows you to choose the time when they will send you a notification with the featured artwork of that day. The explanations that we find in the application they are pleasant and easy to read. This means that any user will be able to enjoy them, learning about art, about that work and about the artist responsible for it. The biography of the artist talks about his career and life, as well as being able to see in which museums there are paintings by that artist to see.

DailyArt artists

At DailyArt we don’t just have the option to see that work of art that stands out on a daily basis. Since you can search for specific artists, styles or paintings, to know more about certain works or artists. You can also search for museums around the world, something with which you can plan visits in the future, by knowing some of the works present in these museums. This will allow us to get more out of the app on Android.

DailyArt interface

All photos shown of those artworks can be downloaded. By clicking on said photo, it opens in a new tab and you can download it, in case you want to have it in your gallery or even use it as a wallpaper on your mobile. So you will be able to see that work of art in more detail.

How to download it on Android

DailyArt is an application that we can download free on Android, available in the Play Store. Inside the application we find ads. If we want to remove these ads and have access to all its functions without any limit, you can bet on the paid version of it, it has a price of 5.49 euros.

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