Launch of the new map called Karakin

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It is rare the week that they do not release some type of vehicle, game mode, new weapon … but what people really want to see are new scenarios, which Tencent has done. A new map in PUBG Mobile means a lot of fun and new areas to explore, and if it’s like Karakin, better than better. It can be fun for many reasons, which we will quickly detail below in this news.


What awaits us in the new map of Karakin

It is a 2 × 2 kilometer map and it is even smaller than Sanhok, so if you are looking for fast games it will be the map to choose when you do not have much time to play in the day. Karakin is a new map that is characterized by have a black zone and that differs from the red zone by forcing the players to move fast, since the bombings will destroy the buildings wherever their bombs fall. A map where we will be able to destroy walls and even the C4 will appear.

The developers of PUBG Mobile well know that many players prefer to pull Sanhok for reducing the time of the games. Not everyone has the time to play two or three games, so PUBG is ready to announce a map that will reduce the time due to the small size of the map, although it also has its extension.

departure map karakin pubg mobile

Apart from being smaller in size, you also have to have its destructible elementsEven the bombings will make the buildings suffer and look deteriorated. That is, you will not be able to hide under a roof while that wave of bombs is falling, you will have to move so as not to end up on the ground eating dirt after a good bombardment.

The first PUBG Mobile map to support fewer players

The map is located in North Africa and it’s even smaller than Sanhok. If it has a 4 × 4 kilometer map, Karakin is at 2 × 2. The recently released map, Karakin, can hold 64 players at a time and is basically a combination of the various Sanhok and Miramar elements. Without a doubt, it is a significantly lower amount than what PUBG normally accustoms us, although it is still logical due to the extension of the territory and that the players can move with some ease on the map.

What does seem like it seems to appear in a new update for this map that will also come to PUBG Mobile Lite, would be the Panzerfaust rocket launcher, and that comes from pearls when we can destroy buildings with it. So we will stick with games that will last at most 10-15 minutes.