Land WWII on Android

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Table of Contents

From the landing on Omaha Beach on D-Day, June 6, 1944, to the Battle of Chambois, with the Nazi army completely encircled, ‘Company of Heroes’ brings each and every one of its missions to the mobile phone.

Company of Heroes

Meticulously Designed for Mobile

To explain it briefly and to quickly understand what the game offers us, it is an acclaimed real-time strategy title, which mixes fast campaigns, dynamic combat scenarios and tactics based on each unit during World War II.

For this, the following have been adapted to Android devices. interaction mechanics already present in the iPad such as the command wheel that unfolds with a touch to offer us movement and action options, although it can be deactivated at will if we want to opt for other alternatives.

company of heroes gameplay

And although it might seem quite complicated for a strategy game handled with a keyboard and mouse to be correctly ported to touch platforms, you just have to see the good work what its developers have done with that version for iPad. The game has been completely adapted to touch controls and it is very simple and intuitive to play, so we have no doubt that all of this will also be transferred to the Android and iOS versions.

Company of Heroes offers an epic campaign and gameplay consisting of intense squad battles that take place from the D-Day landings to the liberation of Normandy. Users will have to lead two companies of United States soldiers and lead their intense campaign on European territory against the Germans of the Wehrmacht in 15 different missions. The mobile version has an interface with touch controls that allow players to get the most out of this new way of enjoying the title.

Epic games full of real-time strategy

An operation as ambitious as this will not tolerate mistakes, so we better go through the tutorial to warm up. The training consists of four sections; basic training, infantry combat, base of operations, and vehicles. The game allows us to avoid this tutorial, but it would be like signing our death. Before entering combat we must learn to face it, knowing our units, those of the enemy, and what they are capable of doing in the environment.

company of heroes battle

An environment completely devastated by the German invasion that will have to be won little by little, and using the coconut, as the beginnings will be difficult. We will have few units and the enemy will be a constant plague throughout the map, with most of the strategic points at their disposal. In our power, these will provide us troops, ammunition and fuel, resources required to create units, acquire upgraded weapons for the units and use of special abilities, and deploy heavy vehicles, build structures, and acquire global upgrades, respectively.

The game is very rewarding because it allows us to overcome the challenges of each of the phases in different ways. For example, we see an enemy heavy machine gun platoon in a trench. To take care of them we can place a sniper In an area with good coverage, activate your cloaking ability and shoot at all three squad members with hardly any time to breathe.

Company of Heroes: Technical section and sensations

Physics has also been effectively implemented, through using the Havok engine. What would those realistic explosions be without those bodies flying through the air in different directions, or those collapsing buildings that almost make us cover our eyes? Nor is it wasted the passage of a tank through a wall, to see how the rubble jumps with different force depending on the acceleration of the vehicle.

The sound is just as great as the graphics. Everything that enters our ears during the game is worthy of praise, and you can differentiate the shot of each weapon, from the M1903 Springfield rifle from snipers, to the M1917 heavy machine gun, to Panzer howitzers.

company of heroes construction

In terms of sensations, the technical display is terribly large, even if it is in a more shortened version with respect to its edition for PC. Shadows in real time, normal mapping, HDR, explosions that leave us with our mouths open, a zoom of the camera to see them up to the hairs of our soldiers’ noses without any loss of detail. Company of Heroes enters through the eyes from the first moment.