KOTOR, a third-person role-playing game

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Although it does not really belong to a new generation of video games based on the saga, it is an adaptation to a title that had its first edition in 2003, back in the heyday of the first Xbox and for computers of the time. Despite having similar graphics and mechanics, it has some new and current elements. In addition, there is another notable difference due to the change of developer, with Aspyr Media in charge of the project.

Star Wars ™: KOTOR
Star Wars ™: KOTOR

A game faithful to the history of the saga

Some 4000 years before Star Wars, the Jedi Knights were already dedicated to maintaining peace in the universe thanks to their wisdom, their mental powers and, when there was no choice, their lightsaber. But in front they had powerful enemies, the sith (a kind of black sheep of the Jedi), who amused themselves by conquering planets and attacking the ambassadors of the Republic.

Star Wars kotor setting

Well, as in traffic jams, there were also innocents caught in the middle of all this mess, and that’s when we go into action. As in “real” role-playing games, our first task is to create a character: we can choose his appearance, his profession and even the skills that are best given to him, and then equip him with everything that we find scattered around the stage

The default setting of the characters is pretty fair. If it is your first foray into a game of this type, do not change parameters and let the tutorial configure all the parameters for creating a character, except gender and physical traits. Try to add experience points in those parameters that are more fun for you. If you create a too balanced character you will never see the most powerful physical blows, and your level of command of the Force will be limited, in such a way that you will not master the most powerful blows either.

star wars kotor graphics

He’s going to need it, because as soon as the adventure begins, our “pipiolo” appears on a republican ship that is under attack. Enemy troops are everywhere, so our first mission is to get out of there alive. This helps us to familiarize ourselves with the game system: a 3D adventure in which, in addition to fighting like wild boars, we must investigate each level thoroughly and talk to all the galactic critters that we will find. As soon as we get out of this, we have total freedom to fulfill all kinds of missions and become Jedi Knights … or fall into the Dark Side.

Role of another galaxy

But we are not alone in the middle of the galaxy. Throughout the game we meet more characters until we form a group of nine adventurers, although we can only handle three of them at the same time. The control system is very simple: we can lead any of the three and let the others follow us, or separate the group and alternately lead one or the other. The point is that we have to choose our entourage carefully depending on the missions we face.

And speaking of confrontations, it is a pleasure to play with this combat system that awaits us: instead of resorting to the typical turns or combat in real time, this game combines both systems. That is, we can move to dodge the enemy’s blows, but we must select our attacks (with a laser or with the lightsaber) in a menu.

star wars kotor combat

The “made in Star Wars” setting is sensational. The 7 planets that appear in the game, of which we only know Tatooine from the movies, fit perfectly with the rest of the saga, and are also populated by aliens, such as the Wookiees or the Rodians. And that’s not all.

The technical section, both in terms of the graphics and the spectacular soundtrack, has managed to rank among the best on Android thanks to details such as reflections or grass, although it is clear that the years are not in vain for this section. But above its great atmosphere, what we liked the most is the enormous freedom of action, which allows us to roam an entire galaxy in search of adventure or new clues for our investigation.