iVoox has problems on Xiaomi phones: this is how you can fix it

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Table of Contents

iVoox has problems on Xiaomi phones: this is how you can fix it 1

iVoox is one of the most popular applications in Spain when it comes to playing podcasts, an application that in its latest update is experiencing problems on Xiaomi mobiles. What is happening and how can we solve the problem?

iVoox does not work on Xiaomi correctly What is happening?

iVoox is one of the most popular podcast applications in Spain, an application that since its last update is causing problems on Xiaomi phones, as the company itself has officially confirmed.

What is the problem?One of the most useful features of podcast applications is the ability to control the sound from the notifications, both when we are using the mobile and they sound in the background and when we turn off the mobile screen, that we can continue to control the notification on the lock screen.

Since the last update it is impossible to use the iVoox player with the locked screen on Xiaomi phones. But don’t rush to change your podcast application, it has a solution.

iVoox has problems on Xiaomi phones: this is how you can fix it 2

The problem has to do with the specific permission settings of Xiaomi, which in the latest version has withdrawn the permission of notifications to iVoox. To reset it, you will have to follow the following steps:

  1. We open the system settings.
  2. We look for the applications menu.
  3. Within this menu, we will look for the iVoox application.
  4. In the application settings, we will have to look for the notification permissions.
  5. We accept the notification permissions, and everything would have to return to normal.

iVoox has confirmed that the problem with Xiaomi phones will be solved in future versions of the application, but that by following these steps you should no longer have any problems. Being a specific problem of Xiaomi permissions, it is possible that the next version of this application will not include changes beyond the solution of this error.

The iVoox entry has problems on Xiaomi phones: so you can fix it, it appears first in The Free Android.