It’s that easy: create a GIF from a video in just a few steps

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convert video to gif and vice versa

Although for some the GIF format and the videos are very similar, they only have a few things in common. However, we can convert GIF files to video format and vice versa, with online applications or PC programs.

While you may think that the GIF is a video without soundIn fact, it is something much simpler than that. It is a loop playback of a limited number of images or frames. It has a limited resolution and does not have control knobs, that is, we cannot stop playback or move through the timeline. Although a video supports much higher quality and resolution, more editing options and plays audio, it is possible convert GIF documents to video and vice versa both in online applications and in PC programs.

Convert video to GIF

To convert to an animated image, we can use both a web application and a program that we install on our computer. This second option may be better in case the file is very heavy and our Internet connection is slow.

From a web

Giphy sure sounds like you, it is one of the largest and best-known directories of animated images. In fact, when you publish an Instagram Story and use the sticker of the animated images, you access the database managed by Giphy.

For create a GIF from a video with Giphy we have to do the following step by step:

  • Let’s go to the website of Giphy.

giphy home page

  • Click on the button Create from the top.
  • In the window GIPHY Create click on the button on the left.

giphy create

  • File Explorer or Finder will open to upload the document in question. Remember that it must be less than 100 MB in weight and 10 minutes long.
  • Once the file has been chosen, the web will ask you to connect with your user if you haven’t already.
  • While the document is being uploaded you will be able to configure the file using two parameters: the total duration and the fragment of the playback you want to convert. Once this is done, click on Continue to Decorate (to continue decorating).

duration gif giphy

  • In this step we can add a text in the tab Caption, choose the font, style and color of it, we can also use the rest of the tabs to add Stickers, Filters (filters) and Draw (Draw).

decorate gif giphy

  • Click on Continue to Upload (continue to go up).

upload gif giphy

  • We will add the Url from the source and labels (tag), we will mark it as public or private and click on Upload to Giphy.
  • The file will automatically be added to the Giphy database and you will be able to see it in your profile. double click on your name in the upper right.
    We will see our gallery of animated images and click on the one we just created.
  • If we click on the document itself with the right button we can download the file to our computer, but we can also click on Compartir on the right side of the screen to share the link or file on social networks in small quality, specific quality for social networks, original quality or MP4 format.
  • Clicking on Embed We will access the integration code that can be for a website in desktop format or with responsive design (which adapts to all types of screen sizes.

With PC programs

We have chosen Movavi as a conversion program to obtain an animated image file from a video. Movavi is really an editing program, although it does include some independent tools.

In this case we will use Movavi Video Converter, we have a free option with some limitations such as the inclusion of a watermark in all our designs. Once we have installed the program on our computer we will follow these steps:

  • We drag the document in question to Movavi’s window.

movavi video to gif 1

  • In the lower menu bar, click on the tab Images.

movavi video to gif 2

  • Click on the button GIF and we choose some of the presets set for this format. We choose medium so that the conversion process does not take long.
  • Click on the button Turn into in the lower right. We will confirm that we want to continue with the free version that includes a watermark.

movavi video to gif 3

  • Once the process is finished the folder will open in which the file that we have created is located.

movavi video to gif 4

It is a very complete program that will allow us to edit all the parameters of the presets for each format. You can also convert documents to other formats and different resolutions being able to directly choose the device in which we want to be able to reproduce it and that fits perfectly.

Convert GIF to Video

In the case of the reverse process, the same thing happens. We can choose to online tools or by using a program of editing so as not to depend on the Internet connection, if the file weighs, for example, 120 MB it may become eternal waiting to upload the document if the connection is bad.


Video Online Convert specializes in converting files between various formats of all kinds: audio, ebook, images, websites, etc. If we want to do the conversion in reverse, convert a GIF file to a video, we have to click on the section Video converter from the left side menu and follow these steps:

  • We chose the output format for our file, we have several to choose from: AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPG, etc.

online video convert 1

  • Click on Convert to MP4 for instance.
  • We can click on Choose Files to open Windows File Explorer or macOS Finder and choose our document. We can also include a URL or a link from Dropbox or Google Drive.

online video convert 2

  • We edit all the parameters that the web allows us if we need it: screen dimensions, bitrate, file size, frames per second, codec, image cut, etc.
  • Click on Start conversion.

online video convert 3

In this way the conversion of the animated file to the chosen format will be executed. Once the process is finished the file created will be downloaded to our computer. At the same time we can upload the file directly to the cloud from the web, download it in a compressed file (ZIP) or download the original again.

PC programs

To do it GIF to video conversion with a computer program we have chosen Filmora by Wondershare. It is a paid application that you can use as a test with a watermark in your creations. It is very useful to test the results first and decide whether to buy the application later. To make the conversion we will follow these steps:

  • We open Filmora and click on To import, in the upper left.

filmora 1

  • File Explorer or Finder opens and we choose our file in GIF format.
  • Once imported we dragged it to the timeline from the bottom of Filmora.

filmora 2

  • We press the button To export from the top.
  • We chose the Format and we edit the characteristics of it if we need it.
  • Click on the button To export, We will see the progress bar and when it is finished the destination folder will open on our computer with the file created.

filmora 3

Filmora is a video editor quite simple to use, with the temporary bar at the bottom where you can edit all the fragments and export the final assembly in various possible formats. However, it can also be used for these types of conversions quickly and easily.

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