It’s official: Disney + comes to Google’s smart screens

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It's official: Disney + comes to Google's smart screens 1

Disney + arrived in Spain at the beginning of this year, in various forms for users. The application gives us access to a huge amount of content in a simple way, which we are going to play on the phone, tablet or television. Although soon we will be able to use the application on more devices, thanks to Google Assistant.

Since a function will be introduced that makes it possible to use Google Assistant voice commands to play Disney + content on Google Nest device. You will simply need a voice command to be able to do this on these devices.

Play Disney + with voice commands

It's official: Disney + comes to Google's smart screens 2

Google has announced the arrival of this function, which is expected to arrive very soon as it happened with Netflix. Thanks to it, users will be able to take advantage of devices such as the Google Nest Hub, to play your favorite content on Disney +. The function will be in charge of linking these devices in a simple way, to facilitate said content reproduction.

This will not only allow it to be done on a device like Google Nest Hub, but it will allow users to use a voice command with Google Assistant and play them on a TV with Android TV or in one where Chromecast is integrated or connected. Since Google says that content can be played as long as you link the Assistant app and Google Home.

Since its launch, Disney + has had support for Google smart displays. Now you will be able to start playing content directly, simply by using a voice command with Google Assistant. For users it will be much more comfortable in this way to be able to watch your favorite series and movies.

Google has said that this function will be launched in select markets worldwide. They have not mentioned which ones, nor if it will be something available in Spain or in Spanish. So we hope to have more news about its launch soon.

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