ISOCELL 2.0: this is the new Samsung photographic sensors

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Samsung has been the reference in mobile screens for several years, as Sony or LG are in high-end televisions. But the Korean company is also fighting to be one of the relevant firms in smartphone photography.

For this, they presented ISOCELL in 2013, their photographic sensor technology, which evolved years later to ISOCELL Plus. Now comes the next iteration, ISOCELL 2.0.

ISOCELL 2.0 improve light collection

ISOCELL 2.0: this is the new Samsung photographic sensors

The difference between the first version and the second is similar to what we see between the second and this new one, the third.

Samsung has been improving the construction of the pixels so that each time they react better to light and could control the quality of the color they represented without requiring much space.

ISOCELL 2.0: this is the new Samsung photographic sensors 1

In ISOCELL 2.0 the material between the different pixel diodes has changed and now reflects less light, which means that it will be possible to make larger sensors, with more resolution and detail without compromising other parameters. It is explained very well in the video:

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At the moment we do not know which mobiles will use this type of sensors and it is possible that even the Note 21, S22 or new Samsung folding units will not be seen in final units, but it is very likely that it is this technology that allows to increase the resolution.

We have been hearing rumors about 200 Mpx mobile sensors for some time and this type of progress brings that reality closer than ever.

The ISOCELL 2.0 entry: this is how Samsung’s new photographic sensors are appears first in The Free Android.