Install the new Google camera with night mode for Android GO on any Android

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Gcam Go Google Android Go camera

Google launched this summer a version of your camera app for Android Go phones, which will reach users in Spain as well. The company recently launched an important improvement for this application, since it introduced the night mode in it. Many may want to install this version on their phones, something that is already possible.

Gcam Go by Greatness is an adaptation of the app Google Camera for Android Go phones. In this adaptation we find the recently launched night or night mode of the application. A version that can be installed on any Android phone.

So you can have the Google camera for Android Go

Gcam Go Android Go camera

Gcam Go by Greatness provides the main functions we have in the Google camera app for Android Go. Not only the night mode is present in it, but we also have the portrait mode, video recording and beauty improvements in the front camera. Google’s image processing is also used.

The interface of this application It is the one we have in the Google camera app, so it is easy to use for any user. If we want to use night mode or face enhancement, we can activate them from the application’s settings (by clicking on the gear icon). When it comes to taking photos, we can use normal mode or portrait mode, and we also have video recording or translate mode.

Install the new Google camera with night mode for Android GO on any Android 1

Left: automatic mode
Right: night mode

Night mode works well on this camera, it improves the photo noticeably, at least in my test using the Huawei P30 Lite. You can see that the lighting improves clearly, so good results are obtained. Although when taking a photo with night mode, the resolution is 1,600 x 1,200 pixels, while in normal mode it is higher (6,000 x 8,000 pixels in my case), so it is something to take into account.

This version of the Google camera app for Android Go can be downloaded for free, available at this link. You just have to download the APK and proceed to install it on the phone. Being an application originally designed for models within the more modest segment on Android, it is light, since it barely weighs 14.8 MB, so it will hardly take up space on your phone.

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