Instagram will protect minors with its new functions

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Instagram is a very popular social network among minors in Spain. In recent months, various functions have come to the application, such as their four-person live shows or guides. The social network seeks that minors who have an account make more secure use of it, therefore, a series of measures have been announced in this direction.

Instagram focuses on the youngest users and their protection, with a host of new resources for parents. Being able to make your accounts more private or restrict direct messages sent by adults to minors are some of the measures that the social network now presents.

Instagram will protect younger users

Instagram restrict direct messages

The social network currently has a minimum age of 13 to create an account, although they recognize that many children lie about their age to use it. Therefore, they are working on a new machine learning technology that is based on artificial intelligence with which to predict the ages of the youngest users. This will help detect users who are not yet old enough to use it.

An issue that worries many parents is that adults contact their children on Instagram in an unwanted way. The social network introduces a new function that prevent adults from sending messages to minors under 18 years of age who are not his followers. If the adult tries to send a message to a minor who is not his follower, he will get a warning saying that it is not allowed.

In addition, if a minor follows an adult who show suspicious behavior, Instagram will show security notices in direct messages, thus informing about this situation. The behavior is considered suspicious if that adult sends many friend requests to minors, for example. The social network will alert said users, being able to block, restrict or report that adult account. In the coming weeks they will look for new ways to make it difficult for adults with suspicious behaviors to contact adolescents.

Instagram young private accounts

The social network also seeks to encourage people under 18 to keep their account private. When choosing the type of account, if they choose public, after a while they will be shown the advantages of having a private account.

Instagram will protect minors with its new functions 1


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