Instagram plans that you can make money on its application

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Instagram anniversary

Instagram is one of the most popular social applications in Spain and continuously stands out for offering new features on a continuous basis. In its continuous development cycle, the application has some hidden features that are already in the application but are not working yet.

Alessandro Paluzzi, an Android developer known for unveiling features in the past for Instagram, has discovered some of the features that are currently in development and may soon be coming to the app.

Make money on Instagram and block messages with keywords, the next news from Instagram

Social media has proven to be big business when it comes to serving ads by delivering entertaining content to us on an ongoing basis, although to a large extent they depend on the users who create such content. Given the growing success of TikTok, Instagram would be working on tools to retain content creators on its platform.

It is surprising that in 2021 Instagram is the only large social platform that does not have an affiliate program in which its users can earn money from their posts or videos (regardless of whether it is possible to earn money from Instagram in other ways), although it seems that this would change soon.

The Instagram affiliate program would have three key aspects so that we can earn money on the social network:

  • Simplified affiliate process:This possibility would allow us to create content with links so that users can buy directly from the application.
    • A clear example of this type of publication would be our buying guides, which have purchase links that when you click on them we get a commission on your purchase for the recommendation.
  • Monetize your content:Earn money for your publications.
  • Work with more brands:Working with brands is a traditional way to earn money when creating content. In this situation, Instagram would act as an intermediary between users and brands.

Another very interesting feature that could be coming soon is the ability to mute messages containing certain keywords. Imagine that you do not like Real Madrid and decide to silence those words. When a contact talks about that team you don’t want to know anything about, the entire message will be hidden and even though you will be able to see it, you will have to touch the message.

Being a hidden feature of the application, the Instagram affiliate program or the possibility of silencing words in private messages is not yet clear when they will reach the application.

Instagram plans that you can make money on its application 1

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