Instagram Lite is updated with Reels, the Instagram TikTok

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Instagram Lite is updated with Reels, the Instagram TikTok 1

Last August, Instagram introduced Reels in Spain, a new function inspired by TikTok. This feature allows users to create short videos in a more lively and fun way. Since its launch, a multitude of content creators have been publishing this content, which now has a greater presence in its renewed interface. Now they also come to Instagram Lite.

Instagram Lite is the light version of the application, with a weight less than 2 MB. Last year it stopped working in many markets, although it is still available in countries like India. It is in this country where the deployment of Reels in it begins.

Reels comes to Instagram Lite

Instagram Lite Reels

Instagram Lite is a very light version of the original application, in which only the essential functions of it are present. Features like the store, IGTV or Reels They are not present in the same, although in the case of Reels support is finally introduced to it, starting said deployment already in India.

Support is introduced, which assumes that the users of the application can see this type of content directly on Instagram Lite. You can see them on the profile of someone who has created and uploaded Reels, as well as see them on the search page, where they have been gaining prominence since last summer. It will not be possible to create and upload your own Reels, this is something that is still possible only in the normal version of Instagram.

Facebook introduces this feature before the advance that is having in India, waiting to support you in more countries as well. It should be remembered that this lightweight version of the social network is mainly intended for the so-called emerging countries, where low and mid-range smartphones predominate.

Users who update to the new version of the application on their phone will be able to enjoy the Reels. They will only be able to see them, because to upload one you will have to use the normal version of the application, where all its functions are available, but it is heavier.

Instagram Lite is updated with Reels, the Instagram TikTok 2

The Instagram Lite entry is updated with Reels, the Instagram TikTok appears first in The Free Android.