Instagram Lite continues its expansion: now available in 170 countries

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Instagram anniversary

Instagram Lite is the light version of Instagram, one of the most popular social networks in Spain. Last spring it stopped working in some markets, although the application is already moving forward in this new year. It was initially launched in India, but its expansion into the market has started today.

From today Instagram Lite launches in 170 new countries, with a global launch expected in the coming months, according to the social network itself. This will allow users with low-end smartphones to be able to install this light version, which will also soon have a dark mode.

Instagram Lite reaches 170 countries

Instagram Lite

Instagram Lite was launched on the market as a way to offer the social network in its purest form, eliminating many of the additional functions, although in recent weeks they have been incorporating new features. This application has a weight of just 3 MB, making it 90% lighter than the normal version of it. It is therefore ideal for smartphones that have little storage space.

It has been designed especially with users who have modest smartphones, as well as an unstable or slow internet connection. The heaviest or most consuming functions have been removed from it, such as augmented reality filters or animations. Users will be able to upload photos in their account or in their stories, view other profiles, comment, like or send messages from this app.

In addition, the company is working on incorporating new features in Instagram Lite. After having modified its interface slightly to make it easier to use, we are working on to bring dark mode to this version also, as it already exists in the normal app. This dark mode will bring a black background to the app, with the text in gray.

From today this app is already available in 170 countries, although Facebook has not specified which ones. It is expected to be available worldwide in a few months, so that users in any country will be able to download this lightweight version of the social network on their phones. You can download it now from the Play Store.

Instagram Lite continues its expansion: now available in 170 countries 1

The Instagram Lite entry continues its expansion: already available in 170 countries, it appears first in The Free Android.