Instagram copy to Tik Tok with the new function Reels

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Table of Contents

Instagram copy to Tik Tok with the new function Reels 1

If there is something that we are clear of Mark Zuckerberg and his way of direct business is that it doesn’t shakes the pulse at the time of making acquisitions of competitors, or to plagiarize the functions of the same if the money does not work.

Thus were born the stories of Instagram, inspired by the popular app Snapchat. Now it’s the turn to the application of viral par excellence, Tik Tok, one of the few that does not have its origin in the united States.

In a posting on its official blog, which has already been deleted, the company confirmed the launch of Instagram Reelsa new function of recording videos that allows us to create a much more relaxed and lively.

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Cloning Tik Tok within Instagram

The intention of the company is to avoid that the users go to Instagram to create videos more viral and funny in Tik Tok. By Reels will have new tools for video recording, which will allow us to speed up or slow down the recording speed, or pause it to create dramatic effects.

Instagram copy to Tik Tok with the new function Reels

The new function will have a featured section within the application will limit the length of videos to 15 seconds. We may use the function to record live, or use sounds and videos that we already have in the mobile.

To activate it we have to go to the stories, and choose the new option, which appears together with the existing as Superzoom.

Instagram copy to Tik Tok with the new function Reels 2

We don’t know yet when it will be launched officially this new function, although it has been d transient form in countries like Brazil. We also don’t know if it will be sufficient to minimize the growth of Tik Tok at the global level. Sure that the company that you want is to repeat the success of the stories, and as that was a brake to the adoption of Snapchat in countries such as Spain.

The entry Instagram copy to Tik Tok with the new feature Reels appears first in Android Free.