Instagram and Facebook Messenger merge their chats: 10 news

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Instant messaging applications have changed the way we interact. In Spain WhatsApp is little less than a religion and in other countries there is devotion to the private Instagram or Facebook Messenger. In order to unify all this in Mark Zuckerberg’s company, they have been studying for almost two years how to integrate their different platforms.

Today we have seen a step forward in this strategy with the fusion of the instant messaging of two colossi such as Messenger and Instagram.

Facebook announces the merger of Messenger and Instagram instant messaging

In the announcement made today on the company’s blog, Facebook has explained that the direct and private messages section of Instagram is now integrated with Facebook Messenger. In this way, two people can interact from these two apps simultaneously, one from Instagram and the other from Messenger.

New features for Instagram

Instagram and Facebook Messenger merge their chats: 10 news 1

This update includes a huge number of new features for Instagram chats:

  • We can join video calls: from within Instagram we can use Messenger video calls.
  • Joint viewing: Videos from Facebook Watch, IGTV or Reels can be viewed by groups of users simultaneously.
  • Temporary messages: we can make the messages disappear when they are seen or when a chat is closed.
  • Selfie Stickers– We can create stickers with your face to use in conversation.
  • Chat colors: customize chats with color gradients.
  • Custom emoji reactions: it will be possible to create a shortcut of your favorite emojis to react to the messages of your friends.
  • Forwarding and Reply: We can forward messages or reply directly to one in a group chat.
  • Animated Message Effects: animated messages and GIFs can be used in chats.
  • Message controls– Decide who can message you.
  • Improved reporting and crash updates– We can report full conversations in addition to individual messages on Instagram, and receive proactive blocking suggestions on Instagram and Messenger when we join accounts in the new Account Center.

Optional for the moment

Instagram and Facebook Messenger merge their chats: 10 news 2

According to the company, users may or may not choose to activate this function, although it is most likely that this will be the case for a few months, until it is mandatory to be able to use Instagram messaging.

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