Instagram already has its own blogs: this is the new guides section

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A couple of months ago it was announced and finally it has already been launched on Instagram the new section with tips and recommendations. This new section, which in Spain is launched under the name of Guides it becomes official on the social network. A feature that arrives a few days after the redesign of the application interface on Android.

These Guides offer us a lots of tips and advice in the forms of blogs, which come from various sources, both public figures and influencers On Instagram. After the good reviews obtained during its testing phase, the social network now launches it for all users.

So are the new Instagram guides

Instagram guides

This section was originally designed to allow content creators to share content in a different format, as these Guides are more like blogging. In the same we find photos, videos, as well as texts. The topics on which they are published are varied, although they tend to be oriented more to health, beauty, well-being, food or mental health.

This feature will make users spend more time on Instagram. To access them, you will have to enter the profile of these content creators, where a specific section is created for these guides. Additionally, content creators will also be allowed to embed in-store product guides in the app. Users will be able to share the guides they see in the stories of the social network or in direct messages.

These guides are make available to all users on Instagram, also in Spain, although it may be that if you enter the Android application now, they will not come out yet, but surely in a few hours you will be able to enjoy this new section on the social network, where you can discover recommendations or advice on various topics.

On the other hand, the social network updates its search. Since from now on you can use keywords that will show content that is relevant based on your interests. This is a new search that is currently being launched on a limited basis in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom, since it works only in English. Although it is expected that in the coming months it will reach more countries.

Instagram already has its own blogs: this is the new guides section 1


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