Inked comes to Android: an adventure with puzzles drawn with a pen

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Table of Contents

Inked featured

From time to time Android games are released in Spain that are very different from what we are used to. We’ve seen it with games like GRAY last year and it repeats now with the release of Inked on Android and iOS. It is a game that will take us on a wonderful adventure, which stands out above all for the way it has been drawn.

The landscapes and characters in Inked have been designed in ballpoint pen, which gives this game a very special aesthetic. In this adventure we will have to solve a series of puzzles, where we will have to use our ingenuity, in order to move forward.

A unique adventure

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Inked is a tale of love and redemption told on paper, where we are going to embody the Nameless Hero, with whom we will travel through various landscapes. All those landscapes are unique thanks to the way they have been designed, which will make this adventure visually spectacular. In it we are going to find a series of puzzles and challenges that we will have to solve.

As we advance in this story, the difficulty of these puzzles and challenges will increase, although the solutions are always at our fingertips. It is therefore important that we get all our ingenuity and pay attention to everything that happens in the game, because it will help us to move forward.

Inked official game

Inked was launched in 2018 for computers and now finally arrives for Android and iOS. The team responsible for the game, based in Croatia, have already won various prices on the Asia Game Connect, including the Best Next Game, thus creating great expectations for the launch of this game. Based on early reviews of the game, the price has been deserved.

Inked comes to Android: an adventure with puzzles drawn with a pen 1

We can download this game now on Android, available in the Play Store. It’s a pay game with a price of 3.99 euros for download. In exchange for this we do not have purchases or ads inside, to play without distractions. You can always download it and if you are not convinced, make use of the refund policy of the Play Store.

Inked comes to Android: an adventure with puzzles drawn with a pen 2

Inked entry comes to Android: a pen-drawn puzzle adventure appears first in The Free Android.