Incoming calls do not ring, what do I do?

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incoming calls do not ring

The thing about missing calls because the same calls do not ring on your mobile phone and not because of your mistake, it can be very annoying. It is a problem that can sometimes leave you without an important call from work, family, friends or any other reason that is relevant to you. In any case and as always, you have reached the right article to solve the problem that incoming calls do not ring. During this post we are going to try different methods to correct this small flaw.

Of course, in the worst case it may be that the same mobile phone hardware is failing and you need to go through technical support. There little we can do since it needs a repair with all of the law. We will focus on fix it from the software since the failure may be due to some bad option or configuration. It can even be a mistake, it is not that you have selected that same option. You never know. That is why we will try to cover a few and especially the most typical and used solutions, since as we say, it is not a serious problem but it does recur in many users. We go there with them.

How to fix the problem: incoming calls do not ring on the mobile phone

We are going to collect a series of factors that can cause the failure. Although in reality, we call it failure, but it doesn’t have to be since it may be an option that has been activated and it has happened to us to deactivate, for example (no matter how silly, the silence of the mobile). If you are sure that it is not your case, go method by method until you find yours and get your mobile phone to ring again with the calls. Let’s go with them.

Mobile phone volume off

Incoming calls do not ring, what do I do? 1

Normally, on all Android mobile phones there are different sound controls that you can move up and down by sliding your finger. There is the volume of media, call, ring and alarm, in case you did not know them. Specifically we need check the ringer volume, not to be confused with the call since this will be the volume that you hear through the loudspeaker once you are on the call, that is, the volume of the person speaking to you.

You have to check that the ring volume, which is usually represented by a bell icon, it is not disabled, muted, or minimum. If you want to get out of doubt, go up and down all the sound controls and thus we will rule out any failure and doubt that we have about them. Play around to see what happens.

Different speakers configured on your mobile phone

Bluetooth 4.1, the new standard.

This happens a lot. It seems silly but a Bluetooth can stay connected and that it is precisely a speaker with which you listened to music another day. Also some wireless headphones or similar devices, you know where I’m going. In many versions of Android you can control where you are going to listen to the sound of the phone, but just in case you can check if you have the mobile phone synchronized by Bluetooth or Wi Fi to another audio device. If that’s happening, you know what is blocking the sound.

Airplane mode activated

Incoming calls do not ring, what do I do? 3

Some solutions may seem very absurd to you but trust me, this happens more than you think. Check if you have airplane mode activated since if they call you with it activated all calls they will go directly to voicemail, never in any case will they be received since you block everything incoming.

Do not disturb mode activated

Incoming calls do not ring, what do I do? 5

When you have this mode activated automatically you will not hear any notification, and that of course includes the ringing sounds of incoming calls. That is, incoming calls do not ring if you have the mode activated. You may have thought that they were just other less important notifications, but they are not. You will be able to disable or enable the option manually from the settings menu, then you enter notifications and there you will find the option of do not disturb mode. Just turn it on or off. In addition to this, be careful because you could get to activate it automatically at certain times. This can be useful in a meeting, sleeping and other types of moments.

Do you have call forwarding active?

In the past many models of Android mobile phones came with options to configure call forwarding and even with other models you had to contact your telephone operator, something quite annoying. Nowadays the normal thing is that everyone already comes with options to configure it in the settings menu. Just go in and check that you don’t have it activated because if you did, you already know what’s going on. You do not receive a single call because of the diversion.

Perform a reset or recovery and leave it at the factory

custom recovery

At this point we are getting a little tense, but there is no reset that leaves the factory phone that can not solve everything. Remember that before doing this you should make different backup copies of WhatsApp or multimedia files that you have on your mobile phone, since everything you have inside will be erased. It is one of the best solutions to any problem that we are not able to erase from the face of the earth. Sometimes it is worth more, because even if you see that the phone fails more, heats up or goes slow, you are going to clean it thoroughly like that.

Hardware problem

The final advice is that you check that it is not a problem in the phone’s hardware, that is, a physical problem, that you have damaged speakers or any other part of the mobile phone. As we told you at the beginning of the post, in this case We can only send the mobile phone to repair the technical service. If you have a guarantee, do not hesitate, since it will almost certainly cover you if it is not due to something that you have caused (such as wetting the speaker or anything else similar).

We hope this article has been helpful to you and that from now on you know why incoming calls do not ring on your phone. Any questions or suggestions you can leave it in the comment box. See you in the next Android Help article.