In Spain we are going to save on the purchase of our next mobile

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In Spain we are going to save on the purchase of our next mobile 1

The coronavirus crisis has affected the smartphone market in Spain. Sales have fallen dramatically and consumers have had to postpone or cancel their purchase of a new phone on many occasions. A new survey carried out by Counterpoint Research also shows how this buying process has changed, especially when deciding when to pay for a new smartphone.

Since the Spanish they will spend less when buying a new mobile. 60% of those surveyed affirm that they are going to reduce their budget for the purchase of a smartphone. The current situation in Spain has forced many to have to change their purchase plans.

Spaniards reduce their budget for smartphones

Spanish counterpoint buys smartphone

73% of users who planned to pay $ 271 or more (232 euros) buying a smartphone will reduce your budget by more than 10%. Especially in the group between 25 and 34 years old, the majority of users who are going to reduce their budget are concentrated, with 70% of those surveyed in this age group who are going to spend less on that purchase. It is a group that in many cases continues to study and usually have temporary jobs, which have been especially affected by this crisis.

Regarding sexes, women in Spain are more concerned about the pandemic That men. This is why women are quicker to decide whether to postpone buying a phone. In addition, more women are betting on an online or contactless purchase (not visiting a store or showroom) for said purchase.

The uncertainty about the future or on the income that they will have in the future, if they are going to be able to keep their job, it is an aspect that makes the purchase of a smartphone lose something of importance or priority among Spaniards. Since they focus on spending their money on essential goods. The result is that less is spent on the purchase of a phone, that the purchase is postponed or in some cases canceled altogether.

Although you will spend less on the purchase of a phone, users’ favorite brands do not change. Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi continue to be the favorites of users, something that is usually reflected in sales, as we have seen in ranges such as the Galaxy A or Xiaomi being the best-selling. Also, price, battery, and memory are key aspects for users when selecting a phone.

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