In Android 11 DP3 you can minimize the notifications permanent

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The main downside of the notifications permanent is in their name: they are permanent and, therefore, are visible every time you flip up the notification panel of Android. Little you could do about it until now, except to block them completely, although the third Developer Preview of Android 11 offers a middle way: belittle them.

All before or after we have felt the frustration of wanting to remove a permanent notification trying to slide it, for this refuses to come out of the screen. Android 11 DP3 is trying to allow you to remove the notifications permanentthat show from that moment collapsed, occupying a minimum of space.

Notifications-permanent minimised

The third Developer Preview of Android 11 is now here and, in what has become almost a tradition, incorporates new features in the notifications referred to in. In this case, it is a novelty single but that will be very welcome by those who use apps that need a notiificación permanent: now you can swipe to delete them.

Good, delete what it says to remove them, not. Instead, this type of notifications will disappear from your current category and will be displayed within a small section called Active applications in the background.

Appsactive You can remove out of the way, although they are displayed in tiny, below

That is to say, are still displayed in the notifications panel, but in a much more subtle form and that will occupy a space much lowerespecially when you have accumulated several notifications permanent at the same time.

If at any time you want to rescue any of these notifications to be permanent, with touch its name in the paragraph active applications in the background this will open the notification normal, and so being able to access your content with a little something extra, but that will avoid you having to see this notification every time you flip the notifications.

As all the new features in the Developer Preview and the beta of Android 11, is see if the behavior is maintained in the final versionif you refine or stay in the process. Probably we can follow the evolution in the next betas of Android 11.

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In Android 11 DP3 you can minimize the notifications permanent

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In Android 11 DP3 you can minimize the notifications permanent 1

In Android 11 DP3 you can minimize the notifications permanent 2