Improved processing: what this feature is and what it is for in Samsung’s One UI 3

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Samsung Improved Processing

Many Samsung phones in Spain have obtained now update to Android 11 with One UI 3 officially. This update introduces a series of novelties in the devices, both in terms of design and new functions. Among the new features that we find in the devices is Enhanced Processing.

If you’ve fiddled with the settings of your Samsung smartphone with One UI 3, you may have already seen Improved processing. It is a function that may be interesting for many users, so we will tell you more about its usefulness on the phone and if it is worth using it.

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What it is and what it is for Enhanced Processing

Improved processing Samsung One UI 3 (1)

Enhanced Processing is a feature in One UI 3 that provides a faster data processing for all applications on the device, when activated, except games. It is a function that can be of great help when you are running applications that require better or more efficient data processing.

It is basically about a high-performance mode on the phone, which will cause your Samsung Galaxy device’s CPU and GPU to go to higher clock speeds. This feature is also ideal for multitasking, having multiple applications open on the phone at the same time.

The negative point of using this function on your Samsung mobile is that battery consumption increases. The brand itself already warns in the section where this function is activated, but it is important to take it into account, although it is a function that can be useful in many cases, the power consumption in the phone will clearly increase. There is also the risk of the phone overheating, especially if it is being used in apps that demand a lot from the phone.

How to activate it on your Samsung mobile

Improved processing Samsung One UI 3

It is possible that you want to activate this feature on your mobile Samsung with One UI 3, to make it perform in the best possible way when you are using certain applications in it. As we mentioned before, it is a function in your settings, so the activation process will not be complicated. These are the steps:

  1. Open the settings.
  2. Enter the Maintenance and battery section.
  3. Tap on Battery.
  4. Go to More battery settings.
  5. Enable the Enhanced Processing option.

If at any time you want to deactivate this function, you will only have to follow the same steps that we have shown now.

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