Improve your productivity and meet your goals with this application

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Android users in Spain find a huge selection of productivity applications available in the Play Store. There are many applications of lists or tasks, with which we can plan or organize our day to day in a better way. Proday is another application in this segment that is worth considering because it provides a different perspective.

Dividing the tasks that we must perform throughout the day is something important and that can help us complete them. Proday is an app that divide the tasks into three large categories and seeks that we are going to complete a minimum of daily tasks, thus making us more productive without resulting in a superhuman effort.

A different productivity app

Proday add tasks

The key to Proday is that it divides daily tasks into three categories: physical, mental and social activities. The application looks for you to complete at least one task within each of these three categories every day. Once you have chosen the tasks to perform that day, they will be displayed on the screen and then you will only have to work to complete them throughout the same day. The application focuses on fulfilling tasks, but also on the personal growth of the user.

In the application we also have a history of the tasks we have completed within each category over time. This allows you to see your evolution over time, in addition to being able to discover if this evolution is balanced, such as that, for example, you are not completing too many physical activities. This information can help you start healthier habits.

Proday interface

The Proday interface stands out for being very visual, making it especially easy to use. The creation of these tasks or objectives is simple and when we have them on the screen they are presented in that form of cheese or cake, which makes them easy to see. The app will issue a daily notification with the tasks to be completed today.

Proday tasks

A good option for those users who are looking for a different productivity application. It helps us complete tasks, but it also stimulates personal growth by dividing those tasks into categories and seeking to complete tasks in all those categories that we have.

How to download Proday on Android

Proday is an application that we can download for free on Android, available in the Play Store. In addition, there are no purchases or advertisements of any kind inside, thus allowing a better experience of using the application on our mobile. You can download it from this link:

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