Improve the sound quality of Spotify with this application

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Spotify is one of the most popular applications in Spain to listen to music from your mobile. When listening to music using this app, we seek to have the best possible sound quality, something possible by adjusting some options in the app itself. Although we can also use third-party applications, such as SpotiQ, which allow us to improve the sound.

SpotiQ is an equalizer that we can download on Android, designed to improve the sound of playback on Spotify. Thanks to this simple equalizer we can have a better experience when we are listening to music, so it is presented as a good tool, as well as being free.

Improve the sound of Spotify with this equalizer

SpotiQ Equalizer Android

SpotiQ is presented as a particularly simple option for improve sound in songs on Spotify. This five-band equalizer will allow us to configure it in a way that we have a better sound when we are listening to songs. By default, it has a series of settings, depending on the musical genre (Pop, Rock, Dance, R&B and more), so that you can get a better sound when you listen to a certain genre.

Although we also have the possibility of create our own profiles in this equalizer, so that we have a configuration that we consider to be better or that provides a higher quality sound. Thus, it can be adjusted to the musical genre or depending on the playlists we have on Spotify.

SpotiQ create a custom profile

The application allows us create all the custom modes we want, in addition to being able to name them. Each one will be able to create the profiles they deem necessary in SpotiQ, so that they fit all the songs or playlists used in Spotify. The way to create the profiles is always the same, so it does not present problems.

In order to use this equalizer with Spotify, we have to activate a feature called Device Broadcast Status in the Spotify settings. This is what will allow this equalizer setting to influence the music that we play in the Swedish streaming app.

How to download SpotiQ on Android

SpotiQ version Pro

SpotiQ is an equalizer that we can download for free in the Play Store. Inside it we find some ads, usually at the bottom of the screen, so they are not annoying when using the application on the phone. There is a Pro version of this equalizer, at a cost of 9.99 euros, which gives us some additional functions and eliminates those ads, but if you are looking for a simple equalizer, the free version is enough.

Improve the sound quality of Spotify with this application 1


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