If you love emojis, so you can use them from your PC

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pc emojis

The emojis or emoticons they have become very important in our online conversations. In applications like WhatsApp, its use has become very popular. The dimension they have acquired is so great that, on multiple occasions, we usually dispatch a conversation with one of these fun icons. But when we are in front of the computer, it is not so comfortable to use emojis. Therefore, we are going to teach you how to use them from the pc very simply and quickly. The alternatives in Windows 10 they are varied.

As we say, emojis allow us to express moods quickly, or even represent words, objects or ideas with just one click on the screen. This reason, together with their beautiful design, have caused them to be used almost instinctively.

Many, for reasons of work or simple comfort, we open our applications on the computer and we can easily access them. The existence of programs like WhatsApp has meant its definitive emergence. For example, in the web version of this app, we have no problems when it comes to including emoticons in conversations.

However, if we want to do it in text documents, web search engines or any other message, things change. But having a good handful of emoticons on hand to use on the pc is simpler and faster than we imagine.

Ways to use emojis on PC

With touch keyboard

There are ways to access emoticons without installing third-party programs. First of all, we can do it with the touch keyboard what the system offers us Windows 10. To access it, we must click with the right button of our mouse in a clear space of the taskbar. Once the menu is displayed, we choose the option Show touch keyboard button.

pc emojis

Then, in the right area of ​​our taskbar, this keyboard button will appear. To start using it, we just have to click on it and it will automatically appear on our screen. Remember that we must locate ourselves in the text application, window, tab or web in which we want to write. If not, the keys will not be dialed.

With the keyboard already displayed, we just have to click on the icon of the emojis, which is located at the bottom left of the touch keyboard. You will find that the collection of emoticons does not lack anything. We can find practically all the icons, themes and figures that in any mobile application. With the bar, we can scroll through any category and find the desired emoji. Now, you just have to click on the icon and it will be inserted into our text field.

pc emojis

At all times, the touch keyboard button will remain on the taskbar. Therefore, if you do not delete it, by repeating this simple process, you will have immediate access to it.

Win key +.

Another way to have emojis at your fingertips is through a secret combination. It is very simple. This Windows 10 emoticon selector is activated by clicking the Windows key on the keyboard and the period (Win + -).

When activating this command, a floating window appears where all the emojis with their respective categories will be present. You should take a look, because the design of these icons contains some difference with those that we are used to using in other applications. At the bottom are all the themes of the emojis. And in the option of the faces, you can change the skin tone.

pc emojis

We can get to these emojis also by typing, for example, in the search engine. With this pop-up window displayed (Win +.), We just have to write the specific word in the text field and, automatically, the emoji we are looking for will appear. Now we just have to select it, and the word will be replaced by the icon.

With the numeric keypad

The numeric keyboard from our computer will also allow us to insert emojis in our text field. First we must see if it is activated or deactivated. This is done with the key Bloq NUM. If activated, the corresponding pilot light will come on.

Now we have to press the key Alt, hold it and enter the numeric code corresponding to each emoticon. The handicap is that, to write each icon, we must know the sequence of numbers. For example, the command Alt + 1 equals the smiley face. However, on the Internet there are some lists of the codes of each emoji. We leave you one with the most outstanding ones.

Copying from copypastecharacter

Apart from the options offered by our Windows 10 operating system, there are some websites that allow us to access a wide range of emojis quickly and easily. Since copypastecharacter.com We will have access to a large number of these emoticons, in addition to numerous symbols that will allow us to personalize our conversations. They are divided by categories and, to use them, we just have to mark the icon with our cursor, copy it and paste it in our text field or application.

pc emojis

With the WinMoji program

In addition to the options that we have detailed, there are alternatives. If you are one of those who like to try and experiment before opting for a method, you can use WinMoji. It’s about a free software developed by Windows. We just have to download and install it on our computer.

Once we have done it, the window with the corresponding emojis appears. It offers a fairly simple interface, although the appearance may vary a bit from one version to another. However, deep down it is the same and extremely simple. The tool that we found with the secret Win + combination works in a similar way.

Its basic functions are two. First of all, from the popup window, we can choose from a large number of emoticons. With the mouse scroll, we can reach all of them. You just have to click on the icon you want, and it will be written in our text field.

The second option is from the word search. In the top bar, we can type the name of a specific term and those related emojis will appear filtered. It is a very useful way to find an icon without having to search the application.

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