If you have a Fire TV Stick, this app is a must

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If you have a Fire TV Stick, this app is a must 1

Amazon has become one of the largest manufacturers in Spain for home automation and smart home. Aside from Echo speakers with Alexa, Fire TVs are one of the cheapest options for turning your old television into a smart TV.

Despite being based on Android, these have Amazon’s own customization layer with its own application store, which can sometimes be a drawback as it has fewer options. However, having Android there are applications capable of making the most of it.

This application has become an essential for the Fire TV

I admit that the Fire TV had not attracted me much until recently for its speed in the most affordable version, but as I was able to test the Lite version of 2020I found it a great product. However, its version of Android had limitations that did not quite convince me.

If you have a Fire TV Stick, this app is a must 2The Fire TV is based on Android, but it has some limitations.

Easy Fire Tools is by no means a new application, but as I was looking for tutorials online to perform some tasks on the Fire TV (screenshots and installing third-party APKs) it was strange to me that it does not enjoy so much fame.

The application requires that we activate the ADB connectivity of the Fire TV from theSettings. Once we download the application, we will have to have the mobile and the Stick on the same Wi-Fi network. Pressing the scan button should recognize the device within the network to be able to connect.

What can we do with this application?

If you have a Fire TV Stick, this app is a must 3

The interesting thing about Easy Fire Tools is that it does not serve a single purpose, and it allows us to do several things. One of the most useful features isbe able to install applications from our mobile. We can directly send you applications that we already have installed on our mobile, but also APK files that we have downloaded.

If you have a Fire TV Stick, this app is a must 4

We also have some advanced options, such as executing ADB commands, taking screenshots (which will be downloaded directly to our mobile) or capturing video. If you are a Kodi user, you can also install it easily from a tool prepared for it.

Easy Fire Tools is a completely free tool and available on Google Play totally free and without ads. If you have a Fire TV, it is an almost mandatory application to get the most out of it. And if you did not have one and you were thinking about it, with the Lite at a 20 euro offer it is a great purchase.

Amazon Fire TV Stick:

  • Lite version for 19.99 euros.
  • Standard version for 29.99 euros.
If you have a Fire TV Stick, this app is a must 5

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