I want them not to see what I hear on Spotify, what do I do?

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private session on spotify

Spotify is an application of music streaming increasingly used by all the possibilities and functions it provides, in addition to all the content that you can listen to with it, including thousands of music, podcast and video content, both in a normal and premium version. However, it may be that what puts you back is that you are sharing with your friends what you hear and you want this to not be the case. For this reason, we will tell you how to activate the private session and navigate through the application without anyone spying on you or knowing what you are doing.

What is the private session

On the Internet, private mode is a session that you start in which no information is saved about what you are doing while it is activated. Nothing you do at that time will be saved. In addition, the history and cookies will be automatically deleted and the sessions will be closed when you finish the window in which you opened them. On Spotify is something similar, since neither the other users nor the service will know What you are doing during the session nor is it saved.

According to the default settings of the service, all users who follow you in it will be able to see what you hear from the section of Friends activity. If for some reason you do not want them to know your activity or what you are listening to, you can activate the Private session and thus enjoy music to the fullest without having to worry about others spying on you.

Of course, remember that what you hear in this type of session will not influence your musical recommendations, as is the case of Weekly Discovery, something interesting also if you want to listen to something that another person has recommended to you or of a style that is not usually yours, so that it will not affect you in some recommendations that you like to have.

How to activate it

If you want to activate this type of session and start using the service “Anonymously” Without anyone asking you what you are listening to, why are you listening to that or what you want is that the service does not suggest similar musical content, you can do it very easily from your mobile computer or tablet. Therefore, we are going to tell you how you can enable and disable private session from any of your devices easily. It is an option that is within the Social section of the service configuration, which you will reach easily and in less than a minute by following these steps.

On mobiles and tablets

To activate it and enjoy Spotify with the maximum peace of mind of anonymous use from your mobile device or tablet, regardless of whether you do it from Android, iPhone or an iOS device, starting to use this option is much easier than you can imagine. You must take the following steps:

  • Enter the app
  • Go home
  • Go to Settings
  • Lower the screen, in Social you will find the Private Session
  • Turn it on

private session spotufy mobiles

Remember that if you restart the service or have a long period of inactivity, it will end automatically, so you will have to reactivate it if you are interested.

On desk

If you want to do it from the desktop application because it is more comfortable for you or you usually use it more, this is very simple:

  • Enter the application
  • You have to go to a section with a triangle in the upper right part of the app
  • Give a private session
  • In your profile picture you will see a padlock, which shows you that you already have the option activated and you are browsing in private mode.

When restarting the service or after a long period of inactivity (approximately 6 hours) it will end automatically. If you want to keep it longer, you will have to repeat the steps. If what you want is to remove this option and listen to your favorite songs and podcasts again without private session, you return to the same site and uncheck the option. If you deactivate it, the blue padlock will disappear.

private session spotify desktop

If you have entered the web version of the application and have you realized that you can’t find the option private session nowhere can be because you have no one to show what you listen to, which is what the option does Friends Activity, so you do not need to activate the private mode and that is why it does not appear. As it does not have it, to be able to do it you will have to download the app on your computer and follow the steps indicated, or do it from your mobile, since in these cases you will find it anyway.

Not share what i hear

Share what you hear is a function by means of which you will show your musical activities at service. If you activate the private session, this option will be deactivated automatically, but you can also do it if you do not want to activate this type of session, but do stop sharing your activity. For this reason, we will tell you how you can do it on each of the devices you are using.

If you want to stop sharing what you are listening to on Spotify on mobiles and tablets, you must access the service and go to the beginning. If you go to the settings and continue to lower the screen you will find this option also in Social. Is named “What is heard”, an option that allows you to share what you listen to with your friends from the music streaming app. If you uncheck the option, you will stop sharing it.

stop sharing what I hear spotify

From version of desk, just below the possibility of activating the private session, you will find the setting. There you can connect with Facebook to see what your friends are listening to, deactivate the option to make your new lists public, open a private session, share what you hear and show on your public profile which artists you have listened to recently. You just have to lower the screen of the app to find these options.

do not share what I hear spotify

If you have share what I hear on Spotify activated, which will be green, you just have to tap to disable the option. If you want to share it again, follow the same step and leave the box green. In addition, as you may have seen, you find many more interesting options to maintain your privacy from the computer app by selecting what you want to share and what not, in addition to being able to activate Spotify’s private mode both quickly and from the configuration itself.

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