HyperZoom is a new app to create timelapse videos with zoom effect

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Applications to make time-lapse videos there are many, to such an extent that today it is common for this mode to be included in the camera application. HyperZoom is an application that specializes in timelapses with zoom.

That is, while generally timelapse video recording applications (sometimes called simply “fast motion”) involve leaving the camera still and letting “the world” move, HyperZoom specializes in the opposite: let it stay all still and move the camera, to zoom.

Zoom effects with timelapse

HyperZoom is an application under the same concept as any other timelapse: take photos every certain time interval and then put them together to create a video. The only difference is that this app specializes in take zoom timelapse videos, an effect that you have surely seen before in movies and commercials.

It is, mainly, a timelapse application, but with a few adjustments that make it more suitable for this type of video, in addition to including video stabilization which is not necessary in normal timelapses, which assume that the camera has been held completely still during recording.

Using the application is simple, although creating a good video requires some practice. Basically when you press the shutter button the camera starts to take photos every certain interval automatically, so you have to sync up and make the camera movement accurately, if you want a good video.

In practice, this means pressing the shutter button and moving forward with the mobile trying to keep the objective as centered as possible, while taking photos. The application allows you to choose between a certain number of snapshots and the interval between them, with more options available to users who pay for the Pro version.


Other available settings are the aspect ratio and the focus type, but otherwise the app is not very science: shoot and move accurately. It is difficult at first, although after a couple of attempts you start to get the hang of it.

What you want to record with the application depends entirely on your creativity, being able to export the result video to other applicationsAfter setting the number of loops that are created from the video, the application generates an infinite zoom-in and zoom-out loop. The free version is fully functional, although it includes a watermark and not all configuration options are available.



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HyperZoom is a new app to create timelapse videos with zoom effect

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HyperZoom is a new app to create timelapse videos with zoom effect 1

HyperZoom is a new app to create timelapse videos with zoom effect 2