Hurry: all your songs from Google Play Music get deleted in February

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Google Play Music closing featured

Last October the application of Google Play Music stopped working in Spain, as Google announced in its day. Those users who are still reluctant to upload their music to YouTube Music still have a chance to do so, because Google will remove all songs this month. Users are given a couple of weeks.

February 24, 2021 will be when all content is removed from Google’s servers. All songs, playlists, songs or discs purchased or favorites the application will disappear forever. One last chance for those who will use it on Android.

Download your music from Google Play Music

Google Play Music switch to YouTube Music


The closure of Google Play Music means that if you want to continue enjoying that music, you have to transfer all your content to YouTube Music, something that Google has previously provided. It is also possible to do it with those songs that you bought in the app, something that can be done with Google Takeout, as we already showed you. Downloading these songs is still possible, but for a limited time.

The end of everything related to the app is approaching in a couple of weeks, so users have one last chance to download those songs. Google already alerts that everything not downloaded before February 24 it will be permanently eliminated.

If you haven’t downloaded your songs from Google Play MusicIt is the time to do it before everything related to the application is removed from Google’s servers. In this link you can review all your music in the application and check if there is something that you still need to download in your case. Do not leave it for later, because in just two weeks all the data will be removed from the app.

The end of an era, but luckily YouTube Music seems to be a good substitute, something that they have partly achieved because many of the Play Music functions have been incorporated into it, making it a more complete app.

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