Huawei’s AppGallery chooses the best apps of the year

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Huawei wants its app store to be the alternative to Google Play

The month of December is the time chosen by many to look back at the year and organize lists of the best of the year. A couple of days ago Google chose the best Android applications of this year, which we can also download in Spain. Now it is the turn of Huawei, which chooses the best apps of the year in the AppGallery, your store.

After the United States blockade that prevents Huawei from using Google apps and services, the AppGallery has become enormously important for the brand. In addition, it has had a great growth in the number of applications. To close this 2020, they select the best apps and games of the year.

These are the best apps of the year from the Huawei AppGallery

Huawei AppGallery best apps

Huawei has celebrated an innovation contest called AppsUp, where there have been more than 1,000 subscriptions, according to the manufacturer. The winners have obtained various cash prizes, worth up to $ 20,000. The brand has reduced the main categories of these winning applications to three, in addition to having special mentions.

Huawei also wanted to highlight that currently support more than 2 million developers and more than 100,000 applications that are integrated into HMS Core around the world. These applications are what help the AppGallery continue to grow, also allowing the brand’s devices to obtain the best possible user experience.

The applications and games that have been crowned as finalists in this contest organized by the brand are:

Best app

  • Scoolio
  • Runbit
  • Complete Rhythm Trainer
  • Marble AR
  • Pocket Code

Best game

  • 100 Doors: Escape from School
  • Spingram
  • Streamer Sim Tycoon

Application with greater social impact

  • Learn 34 Languages
  • Plantsnap
  • Earthquake Network

Most popular app

  • Peaklens

Honorable mentions

  • Virtual Assistant DataBot: Artificial Intelligence
  • Kuston Widget Maker
  • Cooking mania
  • Toy Box Party Game
  • Genius Brain
  • Tapventure
  • Blackout Age: Map Based Postapo Survival Craft
  • Sun Locator Lite
  • Learn 34 Languages
  • Plantsnap
  • Earthquake Network
  • Peaklens

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