Huawei will remain, for now, on the US blacklist

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Huawei will remain, for now, on the US blacklist

The change of administration in the United States government is something that has been followed to exhaustion all over the planet. Even in Spain we have had hundreds of television programs, columns in newspapers and radio news in which they analyzed the change.

In the technological aspect, one of the most important variables to consider was whether the Biden administration would be less belligerent with China and if that would imply the relaxation of restrictions on Huawei. It seems that it will not be so.

The new administration sees no reason to change Huawei’s situation

Huawei will remain, for now, on the US blacklist 1

Gina Raimondo | Image: Bloomberg

As Bloomberg has learned, the future head of the American government’s trade area, Gina Raimondo, has stated that “see no reason to remove Huawei from the restriction list«.

This has been the response that the Democratic leader, proposed by Joe Biden for that position, gave a fellow Republican in a round of questions.

«I understand that companies that are included on the Entity List and the Military End User List are there largely because they pose a risk to United States national security or foreign policy interests. I currently have no reason to believe that the companies on those lists should not be there. If this is confirmed, I look forward to receiving a briefing on these companies and others of interest.«.

This last sentence leaves a loophole for Huawei and other companies to try to show that they are not a danger to the United States, something they have been saying from the beginning but which has not been enough for the Trump administration.

China wants pressure on its companies to stop

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China indicated, when asked about the statements of the future head of US trade, that “lWe urge you to stop this rampant oppression against Chinese companies«.

There may be some change in the medium term but, today, nothing seems to point in that direction, and with each passing day Huawei sees its position in the mobile phone market weakened.

The entry Huawei will continue, for now, in the blacklist of the United States appears first in The Free Android.